Owning A Sex Doll Won’t Make You Look Creepy If You Do These 4 Things


You’ve always wanted to buy a sex doll. It’s something you’ve been yearning to do for as long as you can remember. But you think it’s weird. 

You probably sit there asking yourself: what will my friends think? Will my girlfriend take it well?

That depends. Are you really weird?

Owning an ebony sex doll is just as normal as holding a vibrator, or even a fleshlight.

It’s how you behave while owning the sex doll that will make you look like a creep or not. Here are some ways to not look awkward while owning your sex doll:

Don’t Treat It Like an Actual Human Being

Yes, you bought a sex doll. And you enjoy having sex with it as if it’s a real person. There’s nothing wrong with that. Just don’t have the same energy even after you’re done having sex with the doll.

Remember, it’s just a doll. Her name is not Angela, Ann, or Natasha. The doll is in your life merely for sexual pleasure and release. 

Things start to get creepy when you name your doll, buy it gifts like chocolate and KFC, and begin to center your world around her. That’s when people start to raise an eyebrow.

Hide Your Doll When You Have Guests Over

There’s nothing more cringe-worthy than your friends coming over only to find your sex doll sitting comfortably on your bed just waiting to be ravished by you.

Especially if the doll is life-like.

At first glance, one might think that you’ve tied a real person on the bed who’s just waiting to be f*cked by you!

So make it a common practice to hide it away once you’ve used it. And you can only tell your friends or closes acquaintances when the time is right.

Don’t Let Your Sex Doll Consume Your Life

If you’re the type of person who rushes home every night to have sex with the doll, then it would be wise to reevaluate your life priorities.

Just like having a porn addiction, your sex doll can consume your life. You can become obsessed with it, and this might result in you forgoing other healthy activities such as going to the gym, or socializing with friends.

If this is the road that you are going on, it’s high time you took it easy with your sex doll.

Don’t Customize Your Doll Off a Former Lover or Celebrity

This is something that tempts most of us. Indeed, we would like to customize our teenage-looking sex dolls to look like a past lover we had a qualm with, or maybe a celebrity that we adore.

While it might sound like a good idea at first, it’s one of the creepiest things you can do. Imagine if your best friend discovered a doll that looks like your ex-girlfriend. How would you be able to explain that? He’ll probably think you’re the weirdest person on the planet.

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