Know More About the Types of Pet Food For Better Diet Planning For Your Pet


When you buy pet food from an online store, you have to keep in mind that the food must contain all the nutritional requirements of the pet. Unless you provide the pet with a balanced diet, the animal cant remains in good health. It would help if you treated the little animal as an infant whose diet is extremely crucial to contribute to its overall health. Food hazards can cause serious illness. It is not uncommon to find the following conditions in pets owing to an unhealthy diet.

  • Salmonella
  • Aflatoxin
  • Food poisoning

Avoid confusion

When you visit the food stores, you will feel utter confusion after seeing the racks full of different food products from various brands. Which one should you buy? Which is the one to provide the complete nutrition to your pet? Your first job is to check the Natural Pet Food online in india and find out the foods that you can give to the particular animal. Then check off the certification from the national feed control authorities.

Types of food

Usually, you can find four fundamental types of food for four-legged pet animals.

  1. Canned foods- These are usually more palatable. The presence of 60 to 78% of water is beneficial.
  2. Fresh pet foods- Despite being the best palatable option among the different Types of Pet Food, the expensive feed can be a stress on your budget. But at the same time, the feed contains all vitamins and minerals essential for the growth of the animal.
  3. Dry foods- being the most economical option, the food contain around 3 to 11% water.
  4. Semi-moist foods- these are available in pouch packages and contain 25 to 30% water. But it is not easy to get this option always.

Concentrate on natural feeding habit

The pet dog lying at your feet in your room has a digestive system similar to that of a carnivorous wolf, even if the animal is now a domestic pet. If you try to satisfy its appetite with your diet, it will be a torture to the animal. So you must feed the commercial kibbles which are now the most popular option for the pets.

Align with new diet slowly

You cannot start providing the dog with home-cooked food from the first day. As a matter of fact, it is also not healthy to feed the dog with a diet which does not include any of the elements that the body of the pet require. So the kibble is almost mandatory.