Johannesburg, South Africa Travel Tips


Johannesburg, also famous as Jozi or Jo-burg, is South Africa biggest city and home to some of the country’s richest history and most special attractions. The city has a remarkable art scene, mostly due to the fact that graffiti is legal there, and the communities thrive off of artistic inspiration and expressing  themselves. With limitless restaurants to pick from, visitors can get a taste of the domestic favorite cuisine along with quirky cafes, fine dining, and trendy coffee shops.

Here are the best things to do in Johannesburg with travel tips:

Do not drink water

Visitors are advised to use only bottled water for drinking. You can find it all supermarkets and grocery stores. Tap water is not bad to health, but the use of it can exacerbate the process of acclimatization.

Is it safe to visit Johannesburg?

The pretty longer answer is that some areas are safer than others. The northern suburbs are perfect to wander around freely, and downtown areas like Maboneng – a no-go place barely a decade ago – have become safe and amazing models of urban regeneration.

Visitors are most at risk of opportunistic crimes like mugging and theft. The top way to save yourself is to use your general sense.

Best time to visit

The periods from starting of December to the end of January and from July to September are known as the high season. At that time, prices in restaurants, hotels and shops are forever increased substantially.

Johannesburg holiday packages and attractions

The Apartheid Museum is very famous among visitors because you are capable to learn about the townships life. After that, there is the Soweto tour, an area that has the biggest population of the city. This contains Soccer City, the largest stadium in Africa which has been house to many World Cup games over the years as well. The Nelson Mandela Bridge is also a remarkable thing to check out, which also links you from the Central Business area to the Newtown Cultural project, where there are all the art galleries and museums.

there is also Zoo lake, which is park packed with sycamore trees and oak trees. It is a best location to enjoy a picnic and take the kids so that they can play. Since Johannesburg is also near to Pretoria and other locations in South Africa, it is also possible to schedule a day tour into one of the game reserve to view some of the savannah as well as the “Big 5.”

Plan and book  your  holiday to Johannesburg city in advance and cut your risk of disappointment. Talk with your travel consultant and work with him or her and then visit the city. It is always advisable to book your accommodation and flights to Johannesburg well in advance of your choice to confirm your flight reservations.