Expert Secrets for Proactively Preventing and Combating Aging Skin



Fighting the signs of aging is undeniably a part of many individuals lives, and combating it is a natural response. The problem is that aging skin generally occurs naturally due to intrinsic bodily responses as we get older such as dehydration, hormonal changes, and certain medical conditions.

On the other hand, other common skin-depleting culprits are due to extrinsic lifestyle choices such as excessive sun exposure, smoking or poor diet that eventually their toll. That being said, these are experts secrets concerning how you can take preventive measures to prolong your youthful appearance.

Easy-to-Follow Tips for Preventing and Erasing the Signs of Aging Skin

Want to look fabulous after 50? Follow these pro tips for keeping supple skin that refuses to show its age.

Eat & Drink Well—Avoid refined carbohydrates and excessive sugar while ensuring that you stay hydrated with ample water or electrolyte-filled fluids. A healthy, balanced diet has been shown to help stave off the damage that results in premature skin aging. Avoid excessive consumption of alcohol that dehydrates the skin and puts strain on vital organs.

Become a Sunscreen Worshipper—Several times daily put sunscreen on your face, neck and ideally all exposed skin to prevent dryness, sunspots, melanoma and wrinkles. Use a high SPF, broad-spectrum sunscreen that’s waterproof. Of course, any form of tanning—natural or otherwise—is a ‘no-no’ for healthy skin.

Stop Smoking—Smoking tremendously accelerates the aging process of the entire body, sources wrinkles and dulls the completion. Furthermore, repetitious motions such as those made by inhaling on those butts result in deep facial lines over time.

Botox Injections—The go-to solution for stubborn, deep wrinkles and sagging skin are Botox injections that fill those crevices in and revitalize the skin for weeks. Often a qualified eye doctor or surgeon can handle this procedure in-office.

These tips are easy and don’t cost a fortune. In fact, some will actually save you money–and the resilience of your skin–in the long run. Remember, treating yourself well is not only the key to a long, healthy life, but beautiful skin.