Does Ceramic Really Have an Extra Edge that Makes it a Better Tiling Option that Many Others? 


Looking around for new tiles that can cozy up your house like never before? If yes, we wouldn’t really be surprised if you’ve already heard about the debate that’s been breaking the internet – whether or not ceramic tiles can be ‘the’ game changer?

So, let’s take you through some ceramic facts and leave the rest upto you to decide. 

An Introduction to the Interesting World of Ceramic Tiles 

Most of us grew up listening to our parents talk about how beautiful a marble floor would have been and how stunning the rustic look of a wooden cottage could be. But, it was the budget that always held them back. It, however, necessarily, shouldn’t hold you back because you have ceramic tiles as an option. 

Here’s why!

  1. Ceramic Lasts for Long and is Stronger than Most 

Yes, it’s man made. Yes, it’s mostly clay. And yes, it’s cooked at a high temperature. And all these are actually the reasons that ceramic is such a long lasting option. 

  • It’s made extremely dense so that it’s hard to break. 
  • It’s not brittle and is quite resistant to high impact too. 
  1. Ceramic Has the Look of Royalty

You might have heard about the three varieties – glazed, unglazed, and matte. But did you know there are many others? Here’s the collection that we are talking about. 

  • Mosaic tiles
  • Retro tiles
  • Designer tiles 

In fact, ceramic can mimic every color. So, if you actually want a wooden floor or a marble floor but cannot afford one, then ceramic can create those looks for you in less than half the money what you would have otherwise had to spend. 

  1. Ceramic Means Less Expenditure

We are not saying that they come for pennies. No, they have an exceptional quality. What we’re saying is that they’re much much cheaper than many other options. On top of that, they will save you big bucks in many other ways as listed below. 

  • They do not need professional services for maintenance or cleaning. 
  • If one tile gets damaged, it can be replaced without having to redo the entire area. 
  1. Ceramic Tiles are Extremely Hygienic 

Not just easy to clean, these tiles are quite hygienic too. 

  • They don’t collect or attract dust. 
  • They repel germs.
  • They are chemical and abrasion resistant. 

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