All That You Need To Know About Short-Run Metal Stamping


Short-run metal stamping is one of the numerous services provided by a metal stamping company. In this post, we share some of the important things you need to know about short-run metal stamping. This is to help you know about this metal forming method.

Less complicated stamping implies fewer tools

Short run metal stamping is less complex than other methods like progressive metal stamping. That means this process utilizes fewer tools. The tools include the standard or stock tools and those designed specifically for the component that is created. Die inserts are also part of the process. What’s important here is that components are created in fewer steps. Other methods of stamping need the use of complex tools and forms that are custom-made. That makes progressive metal stamping costly and time-consuming. While the cost per component might be higher due to the combination of equipment and steps involved are small in scale, it will cost less in the long run. Basically, the setup is inexpensive. Since the short run metal stamping is ordered in small quantities. This explains the high price per component.

Shorter lead times allow you to get the parts faster

Another important thing about short-run metal stamping is how faster you will get the end products. in the metal stamping field faster means weeks. However, it will take fewer days to get the short-run components than the progressive stamped ones. That is because its setup is small. Because the procedure utilized few customized tools and dies, it’s only setting up the appropriate order of operation. Other methods like progressive metal stamping that require a longer lead time in order to get parts designed and formed, which can take many days or even months.  The short-run metal stamping is simple to arrange and this makes it the most preferred method.

You will have tool maintenance costs and other fees

Short-run metal stamping has a couple of things with the progressive metal stamping method. This comprises the charges you will have to deal with during the long run. This such as tool maintenance expenses that cover their upkeep when not working still apply for particular custom equipment. Nevertheless, the utilization of stock dies and equipment makes this process less costly. Besides, the revision fees for designs that require to be redone mid-flow apply here.

When looking for short-run metal stamping services, make sure you hire a company that offers higher quality workmanship and excellent client services.