6 Camera Tips and Tricks for Mavic Air 2 -2020


After flying the Mavic Air two for a short time currently, I decided to put in writing down of these tips in my phone whereas out flying and accomplished that I had manner an excessive amount of to mention regarding the Mavic Air 2 for one video, thus I poor these into 2 totally different components. The primary half should do additional with the camera, whereas the second half should do with the app, and alternative smaller miscellaneous tips and tricks.

Mavic Air two Camera Tips & Tricks

  1. Shoot in 4K sixty and 1080p 240

My 1st tip for the Mavic Air 2 is to shoot 4K 60fps and 1080p 240fps. Like I discussed within the introduction, my 1st and favorite feature of the Mavic Air two is that the 4K sixty frames per second and therefore the 1080p 240 frames per second. The four sixty was one thing that I had to fly my larger Phantom 4 professional to urge antecedently, however even higher, a feature my larger drone did not have, is that the 240 frames per second at 1080p. The 4K footage from this camera appearance terribly crisp at a hundred and twenty megabits per second, and if you’re a piece of writing the 4k during a 1080p timeline, you have got the flexibility to crop within the footage if you wish to try to zoom or pan in post. The sixty frames per second permits you to block your video, whereas still taking advantage of the 4K resolution.

The 1080p, however, is pretty coarse and aliased if you are not shooting in ideal lighting things. Shooting in picture show is usually reserved for special things like capturing action that you would really like to block within the frame. However, the 240 independent agency might use a bump in bitrate to own the footage look a touch crisper. That being aforementioned, it’s still pretty nice to own the flexibility to shoot in 240 independent agency. I might solely use the 240fps in terribly bright locations in special circumstances, adding a better ISO with this is often a formula for coarse footage.

  1. Recognize once To Use HDR, and once To Shoot Regular Video

My second tip for the Mavic Air two is to grasp once to use HDR video, and once to shoot regular video. a large update to the Mavic Air 2 is that the HDR video, and you may be tempted to shoot in HDR video all the time – however, In my findings, HDR video is best fitted to high distinction eventualities and have bright highlights and dark shadow. Conserving the highlights associated shadows to own an additional dynamic zero in your image is that the entire reason to shoot in an HDR mode within the 1st place. One more reason is that if you want to film and forthwith post your footage on-line with none piece of writing. Confine mind that at the time of this recording, HDR video is associate motor vehicle mode that means you cannot alter the shutter speed, ISO, etc. you’ll be able to alter the exposure worth. However, the settings are mechanically was chosen for you.

The good colors of HDR mode are pretty nice. Still, if you are like Pine Tree State, and need to colour grade your footage to urge a definite look to your footage, you will need to film with simply regular video and choose the right colour profile, camera settings and colour grade the footage yourself. Of course, this is often additional work – however, you will get the associate overall higher final image. That brings Pine Tree State to my next tip…

  1. Use D-Cinelike if you would like to paint Grade

My third tip for the Mavic Air 2 is to use the right image profile if you would like to colour grade. Victimisation the right image profile can permit you to enhance your post-production expertise drastically. If you would like to colour grade your footage, follow one image profile moreover thus you will not need to try and match the colour grade on HDR, traditional and D-Cinelike footage, which might be pretty powerful.

Like I aforementioned within the previous tip if you are going to be posting to Instagram with none piece of writing – use the conventional profile with manual settings or the motor vehicle HDR mode. Still, to urge the most effective results out of this drone, you are going to require to shoot traditional video, victimisation Cinelike and manual camera settings.

The nice half regarding Cinelike is that it’s not a totally desaturated profile like LOG, it quite sounds like a hybrid between log and traditional. Thus it’s easier to colour grade. However, you continue to get additional space to edit with.
Speaking of hybrid, this camera does not have the HLG profile or hybrid log gamma. Hopefully, DJI is simply saving this profile for the professional versions of the Mavic. If you’ve stuck around my channel for a short time, you’ll recognize HLG is my personal favorite profile to shoot in. I’d love if DJI accessorial it to the Mavic Air two with a computer code update.

4 Use the FocusTrack modes

My fourth tip for the Mavic Air two is to use the FocusTrack Modes. The main focus track may be a nice discovery to flying and pursuit moving or stationary objects. As of immediately, FocusTrack consists of ActiveTrack three.0, the purpose of Interest three.0 and Spotlight two.0. I actually have the foremost expertise victimisation the ActiveTrack, in ActiveTrack permits you to pick out an issue. Therefore the drone can fly with the topic and keep them within the frame. You’ll be able to fly manually around. However, the drone can forever keep the topic within the frame.

I was most fascinated by FocusTrack with ActiveTrack mode, thus my folks and that I went out fishing one evening, and that I was flying behind the boat. At first, I used to be flying manually for a short time, then set to visualize the way to FocusTrack might carry on. With the Mavic Air two, I used to be blown away at however simple it’s to change FocusTrack, moreover as however well the Mavic Air 2 maintained with the moving boat, even flying into an air current.

FocusTrack with Sport Mode enabled was ready to carry on with the boat motion from 15-20mph, whereas there have been winds of five miles per hour, with up to 10-15 miles per hour gusts. I used to be ready to fly remote and are available nearer to the boat with ease, and therefore the drone unbroken the boat within the same position within the frame.

This mode takes some obtaining use to, and you continue to get to be aware of your flying to stay the drone from manufacturing jerky footage. This is not a whole autonomous medium flight mode. However, it’s pretty dang shut.
Spotlight is another FocusTrack mode, wherever the drone stays in one place and follows you with the camera. I found this created extremely jerky movements and stayed far away from this flight mode for the foremost half.

The Point of Interest mode was helpful, though. If you are cinematography associate object that won’t move, the purpose of Interest permits you to urge some pretty dynamic and artistic shots with ease. The Mavic Air two can alter the pitch of the gimbal supported; however, high or low, you are flying relative to your subject. Therefore the gimbal can mechanically follow the topic notwithstanding the direction that the drone is flying. If you fly slowly, the drone is capable of learning some pretty swish and cinematic-looking shots. I will see this mode being handy for land photography. One factor I noted here although, is that if you are attempting to fly directly over your subject, the drone can to show around and keep the topic within the frame, it’ll come back to a whole stopover high of the topic and not move on the far side it. Not a large deal, however one factor in staying in mind.

Another downside to those modes is that they’re not obtainable in 4K sixty or 1080p at 240. For higher frame rates, you will have to fly fully manual, that you ought to be ready to do, it’s simply a touch harder to urge a swish shot.

  1. Recognize once to shoot 12mp stills or 48mp stills, however forever shoot JPG + RAW

My fifth tip for the Mavic Air 2 is to shoot 48MP stills and forever shoot in raw + jpg. In my comparisons, I’ve shot constant subject side-by-side, and therefore the 48-megapixel pictures below the twelve megapixels out of the water. The 48MP stills take full advantage of the complete detector, whereas the 12MP solely uses 1/4 of the detector. A number of the shooting modes won’t permit you to shoot the 48MP stills, just like the sensible image, however, if you’re shooting single photos – shoot within the 48mp possibility.

Also, shooting within the JPG + RAW possibility can provide you with the foremost space to figure with the image once it involves posting production. It’d facilitate if you usually were shooting in Jpg + RAW with each camera.

  1. Try out FPV mode

FPV mode permits your gimbal to follow the movement of your drone. The default mode for the Mavic Air two is Follow mode; this is often the conventional mode we’ve all become won’t go with DJI drones. Follow mode keeps the camera straight and level with the horizon, notwithstanding, ding, however, your drone is flying. Once you place your drone into FPV mode, the camera can follow in conjunction with the pitch of your drone and permit your inputs. This enables for a few attention-grabbing angles you can’t get with Follow Mode.