What are the various options available for rugs?


Rugs have been used as the most superb flooring decoration since the ancient times. These rugs are used widely all over the world in almost every home. As we all are well-aware that Turkey and Iran are considered as the pioneer of manufacturing area rugs. In the earlier times, ladies were used to weave different styles of rugs by their hands and with the passage of time, the technology of weaving has also been involved in the manufacturing of rugs. The main purpose of placing an area rug on the floors is to give prominence to that specific area with the soft and cozy materials. The Persian rugs are the most demanding, beautiful and eye-catchy design of area rugs.

Various Options of Rugs

There are many options if you are willing to enhance your interior decoration of your homes. In this article we will discuss some of the options for your ease.

  • Woolen Rugs

Wool is a natural fiber and the rugs manufactured with natural wool are considered as the most durable and soft. The woolen rugs are normally manufactured through hands but modern looms have also been engaged for producing these rugs. The color fastness is great and cleaning is also very easy even if it gets some stains. You can easily pass out the woolen rugs to your next generations.

  • Cotton Rugs

Cotton is also considered as a natural fiber and one of the good options if you keep on changing your rugs according to the seasons. These rugs are normally used in the summer season when every person seeks to have some cooling materials under the foot.

  • Silk Rugs

The use of silk material in the manufacturing of rugs, brings extra-ordinary luster and shine. These rugs are soft but cannot be used for high-traffic areas because of its difficult cleaning. These rugs are widely used only for the highly decorative homes and sittings as well.

  • Jute and Bamboo Rugs

If you are willing to have some rough but natural look then jute and bamboo rugs are the good options. They both are the plant fibers and normally they are used without dying due to the natural beauty. You can use these rugs in your living rooms or at other places as well due to its durability and easy cleaning.

  • Hide Rugs

For the people who like to have animal’s skin in their homes, then hide rugs are considered as the best option. Cowhides, Zebra hides and Leopard hides are very common for the manufacturing of rugs. These skins are tanned with proper scientific methods therefore these hide rugs remain non-allergic for the human skin. The cleaning and maintaining of hide rugs is also an easy task so that they can be placed even at the high traffic areas as well.


Looking to enhance the decorations of your home? Why not go to buy beautiful rugs from the market. This article will lead you to decide what type of material you can consider according to your circumstances.