Say Goodbye to Uncomfortable Odour from AC with Air Conditioner Cleaning Foam


Summers are upon us and we all look forward to creating a pleasant atmosphere indoors. When temperatures are rising outside, we all love tucking ourselves inside the air-conditioning room and enjoy the clean and fresh air. A well-functioning AC is something we all desire for our homes. But at times, we come across an ugly smell when we turn on the AC inside our house.

The smell from our air-conditioner is the result of fungus, bacteria, and mold accumulation inside the evaporator and condenser of the unit. Here comes the role of Norca foam which keeps your indoor hygiene at its peak by cleaning your AC coils.

Why Air Conditioner Cleaning Foam Is An Absolute Necessity?

The easiest method to get rid of the foul smell coming from the air-conditioner is using a good-quality and effective air-conditioner foam. Spraying the unit once in 3-6 months using the foam is a way to eliminate dirt build-up both from the evaporator and the dugs. The foam spray is also useful in removing the ugly odor and building a protective barrier on the evaporator.

Using Air-Conditioner Cleaning Foam And How?

Dry out your home air-conditioner and thereafter switch on the temperature regulator and ventilator to the maximum before switching off the AC and the engine.

Now get rid of all the filters present in the inlet channel to make sure you gain easy access to the evaporator. Take the help of an air compressor for blowing off the dust, if you see the air inlet ducts to be dirty.

Why Count On AC Cleaning Foam To Keep It In Good Condition?

Your air-conditioning unit not only keeps you cool during hot weather but also maintains a soothing temperature indoors. The AC puts two major components to use; the condenser coils which you can find outside your house inside a large metal structure that resembles a box, and the evaporator coils which you can find inside the indoor unit.

AC Cleaning Foams Are Great Deal Helpful

Several deposits including debris and dirt accumulate inside the condenser coils and the evaporator of the unit over time, which then contributes to subsided airflow and get the coils insulated, hence inhibiting its power of heat absorption. This results in enabling them to work hard besides slacking down their life-cycle. The coils despite not being in use can be vulnerable to harsh weather conditions. Since the evaporator coils of your AC unit are exposed to both debris and dirt, they can get clogged. You can however prevent this problem by cleaning your AC coils using Norca foam (น อ ร์ ก้า โฟม, which is the term in Thai). The foam will enable a smoother and efficient operation of your AC.

Always choose Norca foam to clean your AC coils over liquid cleaners. But before you shop for AC cleaning foam, make sure to switch off your unit and then start cleaning them using the foam to keep chances of injury at bay.