Leaky Faucet? See How To Fix It


A simple leak can become a big headache or emergency service. From causing water puddles and seepage to a significant increase in your water bill, so today we’re going to show you some things that can be checked and adjusted if you have a leaky faucet at home.

The main reasons that make a faucet leak are worn threads and broken parts. If the thread wears out, the repair will be simple, since depending on the internal part that broke, it will be more advantageous to change the entire faucet.

After checking what the problem is with the faucet, you will need to follow a few steps to fix it:

-Separate the necessary tools like adjustable wrench and pliers.

-Turn off the water supply to remove the faucet and disassemble it.

-Remove the protective cover and check the problem. The thread may be worn, or the rubber that gives water may be too old. If the thread is very worn, it will need to be replaced, but wrapping the thread with a silicone sealant will suffice for the repair if it has little wear. If it’s the worn rubber, replace it with a new one.

-If The Problem Is Not These Parts, Buy A New Faucet And Replace The Old One.

-After identifying the necessary solution, make sure that no parts or dirt remain in the pipe and re-install the repaired faucet or the new faucet. Remember to put a thread sealant on the pipe so that the fit is perfect and does not overflow water.

-Reopen The Water Register And See If Everything Is Alright. Did It Work? See How Simple It Is?

If you are still having problems, we recommend that you do not try other solutions so that the problem does not worsen; in this case, it is best to have a professional to help you or plumber best company

Repair A Cracked Sink

In my bathroom, the sink is made of plastic. But it indeed splits over time. What can I do to make it find its shine and remove its little cracks?

To repair a resin/composite/plastic sink cracked or most certainly earthenware, there is no “miracle” solution. Applying a polishing paste and polish, such as those found to repair or renew boat hulls reduces cracking and can restore shine, but such treatment is limited in time. You can also apply a resin, such as for a ceramic sink. Ultimately, just replacing the sink can provide long-term satisfaction.