Know-How To Do Team Building Activities for Employees During COVID-19!


Personality traits and work attitude play a significant role in how a person will communicate within a particular organizational structure. Team Building Activities for Employees and motivation, on the other hand, derives the retention rate and job engagement plus job satisfaction.

As per Cal Newport, Deep Work allows you to use your full brain power, thereby stretching your cognitive abilities to their maximum potential to complete a task sitting in a distraction-free ambiance.

Ensuring Team Building Among Employees

Now the question that arises is how to do so? It is possible by not involving employees in irrelevant meetings; help them prioritize their task schedule. 40- Hours work weak is a proven phenomenon to increase the team’s productivity utilizing a Deep Work state of mind of employees.

Virtual Team Building Activities

As the covid-19 pandemic shifted the workforce to their home offices, virtual team building activities for employees boosted the morale. Sneak-peak into an employee’s home has been one of the fun and attachment inducing activity at the start of the lockdown era. One of the ice- breaker activities post-meeting could be “Guess with the emojis” in a virtual meeting environment. It is known that most of the virtual meeting apps do come with chat- emojis and even stickers.

A Virtual Club

A virtual book club or virtual movie/ series club has become pretty standard among team members. All they need to do is meet up virtually or even physically if that is feasible and assign the next book or movie to be watched. On weekend meet-ups, the takeaways can be discussed with the group. This helps the team to understand the viewpoints of others and become a good listener. It also helps in getting close to those with whom you share your interest.

Fun Games

By now, you must have become familiar with the famous Netflix series “Never have I ever.” It is one of the best games to play with team members. The situation list could be prepared in advance, and those who score more on the activities they have done becomes the winner. You can replace the sipping of alcohol with water as it is healthier and keep your team members hydrated.


Birthday and marriage anniversaries of your employees provide the best moment for perfect team building activities. Celebrating someone’s birthday by making them feel special is in itself quite touching. Adding a movie night to the list, sending gifts, and creating and showing a secret video of that particular individual on their birthday tells how much the workplace and mostly the team cares about them.

Lines of Closure:

These acts of kindness and love strengthen the bonding among each member. It also helps in creating a friendly environment where the person feels being heard and understood. In a nutshell, it is essential for organizations to first look into their work environment to see whether it is conducive enough for its employees to thrive or limit them to use their full potential. Employees- the first strategy can bring a high level of efficiency and productivity, positively affecting the team’s overall performance. Team Building Activities for Employees are always a reliable option to keep the team happy!