Great Tool For Making Dips


I’m not sure what comes to mind when people think of food processors, as I used to have no clue what to think of them. That was before I received one as a wedding gift. I guess I just never gave it much thought before. Now that I know all of the magic this gadget can produce, my whole world has changed.

I love to make dips for parties. You name it, I’ve made it. Salsa and guacamole are on the top of that list. But wow, is it tedious to chop up every little thing that goes into it. Especially the onions and jalapenos, which can both be quite painful. This is where my Cuisinart food processor comes in and saves the day, as it usually does. 

It chops up literally everything, which makes for way less of a mess than doing it by hand. I don’t need to clean my cutting boards, I don’t have to worry about cutting my fingers on things that are slippery like tomatoes, it’s just so awesome. I’ve never been so impressed by a small kitchen appliance before. 

One of the best things aside from the jalapeno and onion chopping, is that I’ve been able to retire my herb scissors, which were really more of a hassle than a help. Most of the herbs just get caught between the blades and it’s a nightmare to try and get out. You end up wasting more than you use.

It makes a beautiful hummus, and you can adjust the texture to your liking. If you want it super smooth you just keep pulsing it, but if you want it to be a little chunky, you can do that too. It’s all a matter of your personal preference. 

I often make dips just to have at home as well, since my family really enjoys them. We alternate on who makes the choice of dip to be made every week. Everyone gets something that they want, and I’m not buying store bought dips that are loaded with disgusting preservatives. They end up being better when they’re made fresh anyway. They don’t last long in our house, so the lack of preservatives is not an issue. Everyone has their favorite, but no one dislikes anything in particular, so everyone wins. 

I’ve been able to purchase replacement blades from KitchenWorksUSA. They sell authentic Cuisinart DLC-7 parts, which is great since I use mine so much. Eventually the blades get dull as with anything else over time, so it helps to have a place where I know I can get parts quickly. 

I’ve been so happy with my Cuisinart food processor, and so has the rest of my family. It really makes creating dips a breeze for me, and it’s been a staple in my kitchen for many years. I’d highly recommend it to just about anyone who enjoys cooking.