Essential Gear Guide For Runners



Whether you start now or have already caught the bug with this sport, we make a practical guide with the clothes you need to practice running and improve your workouts. 

Underwear And Socks

Another rule that you should keep in mind is that running underwear should not be the same as everyday underwear. It is best to wear comfortable and breathable clothing, as with other sportswear. Guys have it a bit easier in this regard since many pants come with built-in underwear.

But for women, the most important thing is to wear a quality sports bra that supports the chest well and offers more excellent coverage in the back area. Although at present its design is also taken into account. Sports fashion has made bras play a leading role in runners’ clothing. The trend now is for top bras with futuristic designs to wear without a shirt. Some brands have even incorporated protection against UVA rays into this garment.

And let’s not forget the socks, a fundamental part, and the shoes to protect the feet. These should be made with breathable fabrics and that are not thick unless you are going to run in the mountains. Most have reinforcement in the fingers and extra support in the heel in the form of a tongue. You can also wear compression socks and stockings to prevent muscle vibration and improve energy savings.

Vests And Windbreaker Jackets

We cannot finish with running clothing without making a section dedicated exclusively to winter. And is that this season requires specific clothing, beyond the shirt and pants, to protect yourself from the cold, rain, and wind. And, of course, they must always be light and breathable.

Although vests are usually the most comfortable option for training because they give you more mobility in your arms, runners are more likely to wear jackets and windbreakers, especially if they have a hood. In addition, the new models in jackets are made with waterproof fabrics that make them very useful on rainy days.


The fewer accessories you carry, the better your mobility and performance will be. However, there are certain accessories that, in one way or another, every runner uses: gloves and scarves for the cold, hats and glasses to protect themselves from the sun, fanny packs to store personal belongings, and a watch with a stopwatch to measure your times.