Does smoking affect my physical fitness and readiness?


Does smoking affect exercise performance? - ActiveSG

Fuming cigarettes damage your body and its functions. People who smoke are prone to severe health issues. Physical and mental health can become deprived due to the continuous use of cigarettes. Moreover, smoking can show adverse effects on your physical fitness, not in one way but in several means. You can consult with your doctor for ways to quit smoking. He or she may recommend quit smoking products or other home remedies to give up the habit of fuming cigarettes.

  • Effect of smoking on blood

Nicotine and other harmful chemicals present in cigarettes, such as carbon monoxide, make your blood viscous. Moreover, arteries become narrow due to the persistent use of cigarettes. The narrowness of the arteries restricts sufficient blood supply to the heart and other body parts that can make doing exercises difficult.

When you exercise, the flow of blood elevates the oxygen supply to your body parts. However, in the absence of sufficient oxygen, your body may not work well.

  • Effect of smoking on heart

Smoking boosts up the resting heart rate. Resting heart rate is the number of beats your heart produces per minute when you are not doing any physical activity.

Smoking can elevate this rate, as your heart needs to work hard to keep your body parts working in such a situation. If you do physical activity in such a phase, you are likely to put your heart rate at critical levels. Moreover, a high level of resting heart rate can also raise the risk of death.

No matter how far you have gone, there is still a way to return. Quitting is possible. However, if you are an addict, you may face difficulty giving up the habit of fuming cigarettes. Quit smoking products can help you quit. Nicotine replacement products like inhalers, sprays, and gums can assist you in reducing tobacco cravings.

  • Effects of smoking on lungs

If your lungs work better and in a good way, doing exercises can feel better for you. However, smoking can harm your lung functioning. Tobacco contains tar, which makes your air sacs narrow and covers your lungs, making breathing difficult. Moreover, smoking also generates phlegm, which causes congestion in your lungs.

Smoking can make the function of the lungs deprived by decreasing its ability to take necessary and sufficient breaths.

You can use exercises to quit smoking. Exercises can help you give up the habit of fuming cigarettes. Moreover, they can also help reduce tobacco cravings and deal with withdrawal symptoms.