5 Reasons To Use VPS Hosting For High Traffic Websites


VPS (Virtual Private Server) Hosting is a highly popular next-level hosting solution that effortlessly balances price and performance, especially if it is Linux VPS Hosting. If you’re in the market to buy web hosting on a low budget, do consider Linux VPS. But VPS Hosting is also available in Windows flavour. So if your website uses any Microsoft technologies, you can still use VPS Hosting with Windows OS.

But if you have a high traffic website, would a Linux VPS Server be able to keep up? It can easily do that and more. If you’re choosing it for the low VPS Server price, you will be surprised by the seamless performance it offers. It is the ideal platform to host websites with high daily traffic.

We give you five reasons why VPS Hosting is the perfect platform for high traffic websites.

  1. It is highly scalable

Scalability is important for a high traffic website as it ensures unhindered growth. If a hosting platform cannot keep up with the pace of a website’s growth, it is just hampering its progress. A scalable platform can easily adapt to the needs of a growing website without too many hassles. A VPS Server is seamlessly scalable, making it an ideal platform for a site that receives high traffic on a regular basis.

  1. It is very reliable

Reliability is the cornerstone of a successful website. When a website starts receiving heavy traffic, reliability becomes an extremely important consideration. Even a single crash or unexpected downtime is enough for a website to lose its credibility and users. VPS Hosting creates a virtual server for every website, which protects the site by isolating it from the other websites. VPS Hosting offers some of the highest uptime in website hosting.

  1. It is really versatile

One of the major benefits of VPS Hosting is the number of choices it offers. You can tailor your site’s hosting environment to suit its exact needs. From choosing the amount of storage and memory, you can customise it down to the operating system level. While a Windows VPS offers you a robust proprietary solution, Linux VPS almost overwhelms you with the sheer number of open-source choices.

  1. It offers complete control

Though your virtual server is one of many on a physical server, your website is hosted on a Dedicated Server for all intents and purposes. When you host your website on a VPS, you get complete root access. It enables you to fine-tune your server settings for a seamless performance. You can set up your hosting environment and customise every last detail, and even configure your security for maximum protection.

  1. It assures robust security

If you take your server’s security very seriously, you will love VPS Hosting. With the full root access that you get with VPS Hosting, you can really dive deep into the settings and configure your security from the ground up. In the right hands, this unrestricted access to settings can really boost a site’s security. No more worries about malware and hacking attacks.

These five reasons should be enough to convince you of VPS Hosting’s efficiency and its usefulness for high traffic websites.

If you have a high-traffic blog, the following video shows why you should opt for VPS Hosting: