Why is Canada known for its paintings and art effects?


“Vision is the art of seeing what is invisible to others,” said Jonathan Swift.

Canada is well known for its art culture and paintings all across the world. The culture of art and painting is a very old followed tradition in Canada and people in the early period used the method of art and painting to express their desires and emotions. People of Canada believe that art is the best way to raise your voice that’s why it is called people’s voice.

Historians suggest that in the early 16th century the tradition of art and painting was used to describe the difficulties and problems they used to face at that time. If we talk about what happened before the 16th century, at that time royal families use paintings to deliver the message of the state.

If you ever visit Canada, you will find different art sculptures that belong to a thousand-year-old history. Historians and researchers are still trying to find an accurate answer for how these arts are carved without any modern tools. The First Nations People were the ones who introduced this art form and later it was improvised by the immigrant artists. These immigrant artists mainly came from Europe and other related continents. From that period the form of Canadian art has been mixed with the diverse origin from every part of the world

There were many famous artists who visited Canada after the 16th century and they combined their form of art with the original Canadian art to elaborate what they think of Canada and its culture.

Although, the Canadian art form has a unique method to present the reality of the society but people have also appreciated the Canadian government for taking the initiative to preserve the traditional art form so that their future generations can learn from it. By creating art galleries, museums, and art schools, they saved the Canadian art form for their future generations.

In early 1957, the Canada Council for the Arts was established to help the artists and the art galleries to contribute their part in the exposure of Canada’s traditional heritage.

Indigenous art:

Indigenous peoples are known to be the actual Canadian citizens and who introduced the world with their artistic sculptures and paintings. They had been ruling the land of Canada for thousands of years before the Europeans arrived. They were the real Canadians who used their art and paintings to present their voice in front of others.

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