Which protective brands can you see on our website?


Here we will discuss which protective brands can you see are available on our website.

Also, we will discuss how to be eligible for free delivery, and also can you take gear on loan from us.

Which brands can you see on our website?

There are many different manufacturers that you can find in the market that make riding gear.

On our website, we even have a category called the big manufacturers where you will only see big brands.

This means that we have all the luxury horse riding gear which are made by different companies.

LeMieux and Kark are some companies, and the others are Naf, Rhinegold, and Grub boots.

This means that you can surf around our website and select the product according to your budget.

You can also purchase the gear that you want or the one which you like but should be aware of its cost.

We even have a clearance section where you will see those goods which are nearly on a %80 sale.

These are the final sales item that is sold for less price to everyone, and they cannot be returned.

You can even bookmark our page so that you do not miss any kind of deal or sale from our website.

The protective gear that you find on our website will be of high quality and will be very durable.

Another thing is that these kinds of clearance sales do not stay open for a long time.

This is because the products get sold out quickly, and this is why they are so much in demand.

How to qualify for free delivery?

When you order any item from our company Discount equestrian, then you usually have to wait for 2 – 5 days.

The thing is that if you spend around 45 pounds on our website, then you are eligible for standard UK delivery.

If you have ordered a huge shipment of goods, then you will get it delivered quickly because it is bulky goods.

If you opt for express delivery on normal order, then you will have to pay some extra charge to the company.

If you live anywhere outside of the UK, then you will have to pay the delivery charges.

But if you cross their limit, then you will get the delivery for free to your doorstep.

Can you make a purchase on loan from us?

Yes, if you purchase any goods from us, then you will also have the option of taking them on credit.

For this to happen, you will have to clear a credit test and show you’re scored to the company.

Then only will the company decided whether to give the customer the goods on loan or not.

Another thing is that they take less interest from their customers and this will also depend on the quantity.

This option of taking a credit purchase is only available for those orders which cost above 100 pounds.

This is how you can spread your costs and also manage the payment easily and quickly.