When Visiting Morocco: Greetings, Proper Dressing, and Table Etiquette


Morocco is a beautiful travel destination. The country has a plethora of unique traditions and etiquette rules. For those who are visiting the country for the first time, be familiar with the local culture before your trip. This will ensure a much more enjoyable experience while in Morocco. 

The locals will value your efforts to learn more about their culture and traditions. Before you visit morocco, here’s a guide to the Moroccan culture and etiquette that every tourist must be familiar with.  

Greetings in the Moroccan Culture

Formal but heartfelt greetings are appreciated here. Moroccans say “salaam alykum” or hello to everyone. Same-sex individuals are the only ones who shake hands or give two “air kisses” on both cheeks. A man waits for a woman to shake his hand when he meets her. If she doesn’t, he initiates the greetings by bowing. Also, greetings should only be done with the right hand since the left is considered unclean. 

Follow Conservative Dressing

When traveling to Morocco, it’s important to keep in mind to dress modestly. Be mindful of the local customs Here are the guidelines for dressing while in Morocco for both men and women. 

  • Dress modestly, especially in public or religious places. 
  • When visiting mosques, both men and women should cover their arms and legs. Women may also be required to cover their hair using a scarf.
  • Remove your shoes before entering someone’s home or a mosque.
  • Wear traditional Moroccan clothing when attending special events or festivals.
  • It’s acceptable to wear swimwear at the beach or poolside. But cover up when walking to and from these areas.

Reminders for Table Etiquette

As you should, make sure to wash your hands before eating. A washing basin may be brought to the table by your host. Start eating once the host blesses the food and says “bismillah” or in God’s name. Always eat with your right hand. Start practicing by holding the bread between your fingers and using your thumb to scoop. Also, only take what is in front of you when eating from a shared plate.

Always remember that Morocco is a Muslim country. Always respect their customs and traditions. Never try to disrespect Islam. Remember that the majority of the population in Morocco are Muslims. If you do, you also risk offending the officials. Just be respectful and learn more about their culture before you visit the country. This can prepare you of what your experience will be during your vacation in Morocco.