When to Get Divorce Mediation


Divorce is quite common in this age, but when a person is forced to face that their marriage is not working, they can find themselves uncertain of what to do next.  Ending a marriage is never easy.  It takes time and a lot of energy.  On top of all of the decisions about immediate living conditions and visitation rights for kids in the short term, there is also the decision as to whether or not to get divorce mediation.

Many divorces do go down the road of hiring divorce attorneys, but one has to understand that this should be done in circumstances where it is understood that a divorce proceeding is likely heading to a court.

There are also times when it is best to avoid a lengthy court battle, because the divorce is not likely to be acrimonious.  So, when is best to get divorce mediation instead of a divorce lawyer?

First, if the two people involved in the divorce understand that the marriage is not working and it is time to move on, then it is for the most part, amicable.  In those cases, it is unlikely that the couple involved are going to fight, so divorce mediation is a good alternative.

Why? It is quite simply faster, cheaper, and a more streamlined process as opposed to when both people “lawyer up”.  For people who just want the divorce to be done, because there are not any complex issues involved, this is definitely the best option.

A quick, easy divorce is not the only reason for divorce mediation, however.  There are also times when a divorce does not involve much of an estate to split up.  For instance, if two people have been married for ten years, are employed in equal paying jobs, rent, and take transit to and from work, divorce mediation is a good alternative.

Here the people make about the same amount of money, so there is no need for alimony.  They rent an apartment and they take transit, so there is not any major property to split up.  There are not any kids involved, so child visitation is not an issue.  In the end, the most they have to split up might be some furniture and personal effects.  In this case, divorce mediation is a good option.

The opposite case can also require divorce mediation, as well: two people have been married for ten years, own a home, two vehicles, and have three kids.  One makes twice the amount of the other.

Sounds complicated, right? It can be, if the divorce is an acrimonious one, but for an amicable divorce, all of the property, alimony, and child visitation agreements come down to negotiation which they can accomplish with a divorce mediator.  Why do this instead of get a divorce lawyer? Because, a mediator is far less expensive than a divorce lawyer, and doing it that way does not involve long court battles.

In the end, the form a divorce takes is always up to the two people involved and how much they trust each other.  If they still do, then mediation is always a good option to consider. For divorce you can connect Provo divorce attorney.