What You Must Not do with an Unfamiliar Dog


Dogs might be considered as a man’s best friend, but there are also times that they are the worst enemy. Yes, though this is not automatic. When one is attacked by a dog or bitten for that matter, there is a good chance that person has done something to trigger what happened to him. 

When it comes to dogs, there are things you should not do like the following:

  • You must not approach a dog that is not familiar to you as you still don’t know what it can do. It might not be that friendly and you can easily get to its bad side. 
  • Never run from a dog. A dog loves to chase and usually, the biting will come after that. So, if you come across an unfamiliar dog, you can just walk calmly or stay still like a tree. 
  • Panicking and making loud noises is a no-no as well. This will just push the dog to have a bad mode and for sure, you don’t want that!
  • When the dog is doing something that can be considered dog time, you should not bother it in any way. Like for example if the dog is eating, sleeping or feeding its puppies, you should stay out of the way.
  • If you plan to pet the dog, you must first allow it to sniff on you as it is like familiarizing you first. Just like humans, dogs are weary with strangers as well. 

Yes, there are things you can do so you won’t be attacked or bitten by a dog. However, if luck will not be on your side and you still end up being bitten, you can give Pueblo CO Personal Injury Lawyer a call. The lawyer can help get compensations so that you can be treated right away!