What types of SEO services are there?


Different SEO services will ultimately need to be tailored to your business needs. Let’s briefly introduce what a complete SEO program looks like.

Know where to start the most difficult step of the SEO process. In the end, everything will reach your goal. If you have a SaaS solution in your targeted niche, the goal may not be to increase brand awareness and promote reviews on product pages. On the other hand, if you are a publisher, your goal may be to increase the ranking and traffic of your local feature search queries

Crawlability: Can search engine crawlers find and access your website content?

Indexability: are your pages indexed by search engines?

User experience: can pages load quickly on any device? Are there any pop-ups?

The site audit includes an analysis of the website crawl code and numerous diagnostic tests. Site audits typically generate thousands of work items, but SEO experts help with prioritization.

Keyword strategy

It’s important to match your business’s products with what people are looking for on search engines. This includes monthly analysis of keyword volume trends, competition analysis, SERP analysis, and prioritization. The result is a targeted keyword strategy which is the basis of SEO success.

Content analysis and strategy

High-quality content is necessary to define your website as authoritative, drive organic traffic, and improve your rankings. A content strategy typically includes a content gap analysis driven by a keyword strategy. You may not have the high-quality content you need to improve your target keyword rankings.

Optimization of pages

These services optimize the content for the keywords you already have and the topics you want to rate. Tasks include updating titles, adding targeted keywords to the body, using eye-catching images, and optimizing layouts to increase engagement.

Offsite optimization

Factors external to your website can also affect your ranking. This includes the number of backlinks to your site from trusted sites, Google business optimization, reputation management, review site optimization, and improving social media assets.

Support site

Implementing the SEO recommendations that many organizations offer as a service may require ongoing support from your website. For example, if you need to make sure that new content is added and optimized on your website regularly, your website support is a lifeline.

Competition analysis

Knowing your site’s ranking and traffic growth may not be enough. You can also monitor your competition’s performance and make sure you are progressing above them. Competitor SEO analysis tracks how your competitor is rated over time and KPIs such as expected traffic to your back domain authority.