What to look for when buying switches?


Switches act as an integral part of a home’s mechanics. These switches are widely used to control various electrical devices such as light fixtures, ceiling fans, home appliances, home ventilation systems, kitchen appliances, and outdoor lighting. Simply put, these switches work by running the electric current from a home’s electrical panel to the appliances like light fixtures or lamps.

Due to modernisation, there are a variety of options available for switches. Such as full-range dimmer switches, occupancy switches that automatically turn lights on when a person enters a room, and central lighting control systems that can operate lights anywhere in the house. Also, there are remote-controlled wireless switches available. 

How To Select the Right Switch

Unlike a regular shopping trip, an electrical store trip to buy a switch requires much more attention and thought process. Apart from the appearance and colour of the switch, many factors need to be considered before you buy the light switch. Following are a few of those valuable tips to look for before buying a new switch for your home:

1- What type of a switch

It is the first essential step for selecting the right switch. Next, you must decide what type of switch you want for your home that will solve your conventional or modular purpose. Since traditional switches are out of fashion and uncomfortable, it is best to choose modular ones.

2- Current rating

The second important factor in selecting a light switch is the current rating of the switch. It is vital to understand your requirements and application for the switch before you make the purchase. There are different ratings available:

  • 6A/10A – for small applications like lights and fans
  • 16A/20A – for heavier lights and moderate power consumption appliances like Television, cooler etc.
  • 25A/32A – used in heavy appliances like geysers and air-conditioners.

3- Safety

Well, at some point, every household has children and child safety is a fundamental concern. Installing shockproof switches and shuttered sockets help to worry about one less thing for them. But, of course, the switches must be made of fire-resistant material. In addition, the sockets must be shuttered to avoid any electrical accident. To ensure that, go for a genuine ISI mark on the switch, which automatically disconnects when a short-circuit or accident is detected.

4- Longevity

It is crucial to select good-quality modular switches as they are known to have a longer lifespan than the traditional ones. On average, the switches have a lifespan of more than 2,00,000 clicks that can ease your tension for a lifetime.

5- Ease of use

Ergonomic switches are available that make less noise while turning on and off. It is also very smooth to use. You can also prefer installing smart switches that can operate virtually with your smartphone.

6- Quality and Materials

Regardless, the quality and materials you pick for a home electrical setup must be of the highest quality. If the switches are made of the best quality and material, they will help minimise the risk of fire and shock hazards. For example, switches made of high-quality thermosetting plastics make them highly durable and safe to use.

So, hopefully, we have guided you with the factors and tips to choose the suitable switches for your home. Make the right choice. Visit Legrand