What To Do When You Damage The Leased Car Before The End of Agreement?


When your budget doesn’t allow you to buy a car, but you need to for daily life like dropping kids to school or commuting to the office, then leasing the car is the best choice. It is a good economic decision. This also gives you the privilege of driving the best model at an affordable price. Also, when you’re done driving with it, you can switch or exchange it for a new model. So, you get the chance of changing cars every time, isn’t it great?

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Leasing is a very good choice, but when you damage the car in an accident or if there is any wear and tear, the situation changes.

Types of damages


Different types of damages have separate fees attached to them.

  • The leasing company will check the tires to check the amount of tread left in it. In case, it is less than eight inches then the company will charge you the desired fees.
  • A dealer will never take back a car with a damaged bumper. It is better to get it repaired in any service station or workshop before getting charged a hefty fee, trust me it will be a lot cheaper at a workstation.
  • Cracked glass or shield has to be repaired or fixed even if it is a minor crack. It is wise to get it fixed before returning it.
  • Most leasing companies ignore small dents or scratches, but they cannot be large dents. They have a set of measurements which decide if the dent has to be ignored or to be charged.

Even the dealers understand that nobody can return a brand-new car as it is. There have to be some dents and scratches. They can ignore certain wear and tear to some extent, but the ones that are visible from a distance are a matter of concern.

What should you do if you damage a lease car?

  • Contact the insurance agent immediately to know what is covered under the agreement. Most insurance policies cover theft, natural disaster, collision, vandalism, etc.
  • Read all the clauses mentioned in your lease agreement that is related to maintenance and repair. Check what is attached with fees and what is not.
  • If the damage is not in the agreement, then get it repaired immediately. Use original parts, because when you return the car to the leasing company, they check all parts to ensure nothing is fake.
  • In case you’re unable to get it repaired then contact the leasing company and negotiate the repairs. There are chances that some companies agree to a certain amount, as they want to retain their customers.

It is always wise to re-inspect your car in front of the dealer to ensure all parts are original. They will also tell you the price for each part so that you know what happens when any of it is damaged. All lease agreements contain information about the car. Read carefully before falling to prey.