What To Check In A CNC Machine Before Buying?


Before knowing the features that a CNC machine need to have, let’s first see what does a CNC machine mean and why to buy a CNC machine (ซื้อ เครื่อง CNC, which is the term in Thai).

What Is A CNC Machine?

CNC stands for computer numerical control and is used to control the movement of a machine. A CNC machine takes digitized data to control a machine. These machines can be of any type like robots, stamping, machines, or milling machines.

Why Buy A CNC Machine?

  1. As a CNC machine is used in machines to control the movement of them, a CNC ensures to produce the best quality and in the same manner.
  2. The accuracy rate of the CNC machine is very high as it eliminates unnecessary waste and makes sure that the production is done properly and accurately within a little time
  3. Using a CNC in a machine helps in increasing the production rate and also the efficiency of the machines.
  4. CNC is a safer option than a manual operation.
  5. A CNC double column machine is more efficient than it can work for large pieces within a less period.
  6. The manual operation needs a person per machine to control it but CNC reduces the entire expenses to be spent on the manual operation by replacing all the human activity.

Now Let’s See What Features A CNC Machine Needs To Have To Be The Best:

The Amount Of Time Spent

Using a CNC machine helps you to know the power-on hours and time. When you know the cutting time, it helps you to know the efficiency of each part in the machine and also which parts aren’t performing well. So, you can replace them if needed. So, check with the machine for hours before choosing the one.


Before buying a CNC machine makes sure you know the tolerance of that particular machine. Tolerant helps you to understand the temperature and humidity of that machine which might affect the printing operation of that machine.

Machining Centre

There are two types of CNC machines, vertical machining center, and horizontal machining center. A vertical machining Centre is cost-effective and a horizontal machining Centre has a high productivity rate. Know the difference and choose the one which suits you.


The main reason for replacing human activities with a CNC machine is to increase the production rate. So, before buying a CNC machine ask your dealer to explain or give detailed information about the production rate of that particular CNC machine.

So, these are a few advantages and features that you need to check before buying a CNC machine.