What Should You Know About Endocrinologist Before Making A Visit?




Endocrinology is the field of hormone-related diseases. The specialist who diagnoses and treats such problems and complications are termed as an endocrinologist.

Hormones regulate metabolism, respiration, growth, reproduction and other functions. Their imbalances are the primary reason for a wide range of medical conditions. Endocrinology focusses on the hormones and the various glands or tissues that produce them. 

  • It involves a wide range of systems in the human body.
  • The tissues include the adrenal gland, hypothalamus, ovaries and testes.
  • There are main three broad groups of endocrine disorders.

Understanding the Endocrine System

It consists of several glands, which release hormones to control many different functions. When the hormones leave the glands, they enter the bloodstream and are carried to various organs and tissues throughout the body.


A hormonal imbalance causes diseases and can result from genetic or environmental factors. Some infants are born with hormonal problems which can lead to a range of health issues resulting in low growth. 

Pesticides, lead, and other endocrine affecting chemicals that are used in plastic food containers can lead to hormonal problems. Broad categories of endocrine disorders are:

  • Hyposecretion. The gland is not able to produce enough hormones.
  • Hypersecretion. The gland is producing too much hormones.
  • Tumours develop in endocrine glands which may be malignant.

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Problems That Can Be There!

Here are the problems that can be there with various glands.

Adrenal Gland

  • An overactive gland may cause nervousness, sweating, raised blood pressure etc.
  • Inactiveness of the gland may lead to Addison’s disease, weight loss, energy loss and anaemia.


  • Hypersecretion may lead to the release of too much insulin which leads to low blood glucose.
  • Lower insulin levels may lead to diabetes.

Parathyroid Gland

  • Hypersecretion may lead to brittle bones which can fracture easily and may cause stones in the urinary system.
  • An inactive gland may lead to contractions of muscle or tetany.

Thyroid Gland

  • Hypersecretion leads to accelerated metabolism, sweating, or irregular heartbeat, weight loss and nervousness.
  • When the thyroid gland isn’t working correctly, it leads to tiredness, weight gain, depression, delay in development and other problems.

How Can Endocrinologist Help?

If your physician diagnoses that the underlying cause of the medical condition is related to hormone production, he may refer you to an endocrinologist in Kolkata. The treatment tries to restore the balance of hormones within the body system. So, don’t delay visiting the doctor.