What Is The Role Of Ge Ultrasound In Health Care Clinic Or Hospital?


An ultrasound is an imaging technique that uses no radiation and helps to see the fetus in pregnancy which is safe. It is a medical test suggested by the doctors to capture or view the real-time images inside your body parts, in which high-frequency sound waves are used.

Different Types Of Ge Ultrasound Machines

There are different types of ultrasound machines available in the market for different uses. Some are expensive but best for high-quality images while others are pretty much affordable. Before buying an ultrasound machine you need to understand your need and budget. It is very important to know what you are looking for and what is your budget.

Mainly there are two types of Ultrasound machines which you often get see in Health care clinic or hospitals

1.   Portable

Ge Portable Ultrasound machines are generally categorized in letters and portable ultrasound machines also contain letters.

Let’s find out what letters does Portable ultrasound machine contains and what do they mean or stand for.

Q: The letter “Q” in portable ultrasound machines is for the high-end machines.

E: The letter “E” in portable machines is generally for the low mid-range machines.

I: Letter “I” in Portable machines means that the machines are upper range machine

2.   Console

Console machines are also categorized in letters and Console ultrasound machines also contain some letters just like Portable machines and all the letter has a different meaning.

E: The letter “E” in Console tells that it’s high-end console machines which mean and are expert and fully loaded.

P: The letter “P” in the Console ultrasound machine states the performance and are low to mid console machines.

S: The letter “S” in the Console machines simply means signature and suggests that it’s a mid to upper range machine.

There are also a few types where you can spot the number after every letter such as P6 or P5. The numbering system helps to determine the feature of ultrasound like P6 has more features than P5 ultrasound.

Types Of Ge Ultrasound Transducers

There are mainly four types of GE Ultrasound Transducer and that includes Venue, Voluson, Logiq, and Vivid Transducers. It can come in linear, 4D/ Volume, Convex or Micro Convex, Phased Array, or others. Whatever Ultrasound Transducer you choose for your clinic, make sure it’s full of your all requirements smoothly. If you don’t want to compromise with the quality of the image then choose ultrasound transducers wisely.