What Is The Best And Easy Way To Clean Your Windows On Both Sides


Like our eyes, the windows in our house allowed us to see the bright world and experience the wonders and elegance that exist outside the house. Window cleaning helps refresh your home’s look by keeping your home clean and dust-free for up to 2 months.

Best Practices For Cleaning Windows From Inside And Outside

It is the most ignored task that is lazy to do and frequently avoided. It has a little bit of difference between cleaning your house vs cleaning your windows. Use one of the best practices for cleaning and removing stains on windows for inside and outside.


Cleaning the inside plates with Window Cleaning Manhattan is typically more intensive than cleaning the outside layers because these plates do not stick to the dirt, soil, and garbage that the outside ones are. To remove your inside windows dust and small particles other several things that leave stains and scars as well, such as handprints, dust, and falls use this method:

  • To clean the inner layers of your windows, Put a large piece of cloth on our window’s layers and start dropping a sponge in your window cleaning solution and squeezing it out fully to avoid any extra dripping.
  • Start 3-4 times wiping on the window’s plate surface and wait for it to dry and clean with water and towel if necessary.


Have you ever tried the traditional way of cleaning windows with a window cleaning solution and a large bundle of paper? But we find ourselves disappointed every time we use this method because they left white stain lines that show where the paper moves on the window surface. To overcome this issue, here is the best homemade trick to avoid those dirty line marks and get clean windows in 15-20 minutes.

  • Added your branded mirror cleaner with1ml of utility cleaner and2-liter water, or add 2 mugs of vinegar solution and mix properly.
  • Put your moocher in that homemade mixture, squeeze it on the outer surface of the window, and apply the solution to the window surface.
  • Start using your squeegee on the window and remove the entire mixture and all the dirt particles.
  • Wipe your squeegee simultaneously and use a clean piece of the towel after swiping across the window.
  • Wait for it to dry and clean and shiny windows.

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