What are the Job Prospects in Dubai?


It is apparent that in a short time, Dubai has turned out to be one of the most protuberant cities in the world. It has turned out to be a famous travel destination because of its soaring modern architecture, comfy accommodations, fine cuisine and of course a shopper’s heaven of everything from conservative marketplaces to high fashion malls. It even doesn’t hurt that it brads an imposing list of high-profile stars who have taken up residence in this place of the world.

Indeed, you would never want to miss out on a place that gets you an amazing lifestyle, chance to bumping into celebrities and lead a happy and happening life.  You can look for New jobs in Dubai and ensure that you have a great future. Well, since you are reading this article, it is not tough to guess that you might also be considering a tactical relocation to the UAE. One of the vital tips to working abroad is to guard a job before making the move. This is chiefly true in Dubai, where a sponsoring employer is vital to getting both your residency visa and work permit.

To make the move valuable, you could wish to find a job that not simply suits your skillset and adds valuable experience for career but even rewards you in a monetary  manner. Keep on reading this post and it would give you an idea of which sort of industries are the most lucrative, as well as if your blend of education and skills is going to help you land one of the finest positions.

Mechanical Engineer

You know engineering is one of the most well-paid career options in region of Dubai. Mechanical engineers research, design and construct all things mechanical. The automotive and that of aviation industries  in the city is obviously going to provide a huge opportunity for job options, but that is not at all. Mechanical engineers also possess a say and position in various aspects of building construction, including heating and air systems, electrical generators and even elevators. Apart from Dubai’s ongoing construction boom, you could have the option of working in the medical industry, designing medical devices and even that of equipment. The individual requireto have a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering, and various students go on to gather a master’s degree.   The point is jobs are in profusion if you look around therein.

Accountant field

It is the time when the economy of emiratedepends more on industries like aviation, tourismand even that of real estate. Businesses across all areas require someone to manage their finances, so accounting jobs are plentiful. People who decide to become an accountant must not only be good with basic mathematics; they have to be great with a diversity of spreadsheet and database software.  The advanced day accountant might also be called upon to undertake complex financial analysis, so possessing an analytical brain capable of problem-solving and critical thinking is also necessary.


So, you should at least have a peep into latest jobs in Dubai and you never know what you get for your future. There are lucrative options for you to explore and embrace.