What are the different ways to style your jeans?


In this article, we will discuss the different ways to style your jeans are. Also, we will discuss the process used in making these jeans at the factory.

What is the process of making jeans at the factory?

Here is the list of steps that are involved in the making of a pair of split jeans, high waist, or any other jeans.

  •  Dyeing

The jeans are given the colour blue by using Indigo dye on top of it. Most of the jeans that you find nowadays are being dyed by using synthetic colours. To make a pair of jeans, you will only need a gram of dye to make them perfect.

  •  Pre-shrinking

This was first created in the year 1962 by the company Levi’s in their 505 regular fit jeans. These jeans will not shrink any more than what you have received after the purchase.

  •  Used and distressed looks

The used or the acid wash look is given to the jeans by treating them with chemicals. To give it a distressed look, it can either be done by machine or by the hands of a worker.

  •  Sandblasting and abrading

After the distressed look is given, the remaining part should be made smooth to be worn. So they can use the sandblasting method, which includes an air gun and distressed jeans. You can also do it by hands called abrading and rubbing the torn part with sandpaper.

  • The environmental and humanitarian impact

A typical pair of blue jeans will use at least 919 gallons of water in its whole life when treated with chemicals. To give the jeans, a used look is one of the most dangerous things for workers and the environment.

This is because most of them use sandblasting, and the workers are infected by silicosis. The damage will also depend on the number of waste material that you are using.

What are the different ways to style your jeans?

Here is the list of different jeans that are created stylishly by the companies.

  •  Rip it up

There is a trend of these ripped or distressed jeans in the year 2020. These were first made back in the 1870s, and they came to life again in the year 1950.

  •  Boot cut baby

This is the look for the cowgirls as they can wear a hat, long boots and also a good-looking shirt on these jeans.

  •  High rise and wide leg

This is good for a crop top or something which is worn by the girls as this will go well on them. With a high waist and a wide leg, this keeps the user comfortable and looks stylish.

  •  Skinny legend

This is another trend in 2020 to wear high waist skinny jeans with either a long turtle neck or something else.

  •  Split Hem jeans

These are the old-style retro jeans that had faded out from the market in the 90s. But it came back in the year 2018 when Victoria Beckham flaunted it in her way.