What are the Different Kinds of Paperboards Used For Packaging Goods? 


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Customers judge products before they buy or try them – that’s the hard part of being in a constant competitive marketspace. So, what comes first is how your product looks visually since customers are able to locate the better looking products first. Hence, quite clearly, it’s packaging that’s the heart and soul of marketing. 

Getting your product noticed is the priority. And companies like Netpak specialize in making products visually superior. So, whether it’s rebranding that you want in order to upgrade the sales value of your products or just simple printing solutions, Netpak custom packaging is the ideal choice. 

Having said that, what comes first when talking about packaging is the paperboard choice – the material that’ll be used to pack your products. If you’ve been wondering what paperboards are the best for custom packaging, then, the following varieties are show stealers. Have a quick look before you make any random choice. 

  1. Coated Recycled Board 

Also known as CRB, the Coated Recycled Board is perfect for carton packaging since it’s foldable and strong. As a result, it’s most commonly used to pack food and beverages like pasta, milk, cereals, and so on. 

  1. Solid Bleached Sulphate 

Also known as SBS, the Solid Bleached Sulphate paperboard is one of the finest paperboards that has a white and smooth surface that:

  • Holds ink without the latter getting smudged or fade.
  • Provides an excellent printable surface. 
  • Is perfect for packaging food, beverages, medicines, as well as cosmetics. 
  1. Solid Unbleached Sulphate

A semi-glossy paperboard that’s extremely tough and strong, this paperboard is:

  • Tear resistant. 
  • Affordable than many other paperboard options. 
  • Capable of holding the ink so that each word is fully legible.

Besides, since it’s strong, it’s perfect for packaging:

  • Frozen/dry food
  • Powdered detergents 
  • Soaps
  • Hardware
  • Electronics 
  1. Folding Box Board

Also known as FBB, the Folding Box Board is a lightweight luxurious option for branding and packaging sensitive and delicate products since it’s more stiff and more durable; hence, ideal for boxing:

  • Beauty products
  • Pharmaceutical products
  • Frozen and chilled food

Since it’s upper surface has the pigment costing option, it can be dyed into any color of your choice. Besides, it:

  • Has a bright and smooth surface.
  • Is an excellent paperboard for printing visually stunning graphics. 

Other than these 4 paperboards, these are 2 others that are worth a mention. Have a look! 

  1. Uncoated Recycled Board – This one is perfect for cases where rigidity is needed but folding or bending aren’t required. 
  2. Corrugated Fiberboard – This one is ideal when you’re shipping your products to a far off location since it protects items for catching moisture. 

All in all, your budget and needs can be catered to at the best at elite firms. So, pick wisely.