What are the dangers of high blood pressure?


Hypertension is a very contradictory condition. It is basically blood exerting high pressure on the walls of the arteries. This results in the arteries getting damaged and having tears in them. These tears are then filled with the bad cholesterol in the blood, ultimately leading to blocked blood pathway.

Consequently, blood supply around the body gets compromised, as it is not able to reach efficiently everywhere in the body. The treatment to this entire problem is simple enough. One just needs to make certain lifestyle changes and might also have to take medication, as prescribed by a good doctor like Dr. Rizwan Uppal. 

 However, despite the basic treatment, the impact and complications of hypertension are extremely serious. 

Hypertension and the cardiovascular health 

Due to the close relationship between heart and the blood pressure, inherently, if one malfunctions, the other reels from its negative impact too. When the blood pressure is high in the body, heart suffers alongside as well. 

Since the arteries get blocked, the heart thus has to work extra hard to circulate the blood around the blood. This added strain is not good for its health and leads to heart failure.

 Moreover, when the tears and the subsequent blockages occur in the coronary arteries, heart attack can occur as well. If the damage is extensive enough, it can even lead to death as well. 

Another impact on the cardiovascular system is the danger of aneurysm. In this condition, arterial damage leads to the formation of bulge in the walls of the arteries. This bulge can burst, leading to internal bleeding, which can be lethal in some cases. 

Hypertension and the respiratory system

As hypertension leads to the blocked arteries, the impact tremendously effects the respiratory system as well. If arterial vessels that supply blood to the lungs get blocked, it can result in condition known as pulmonary embolism. 

Symptoms of pulmonary embolism include pain in the chest, anxiety, blood in the spit, arrythmia, fainting, dizziness, shortness of breath etc. If not timely treated, PE can lead to permanent lung damage or even death. Hence, it is a very painful and rather dangerous condition. 

Hypertension also leads to a sleep disorder known as sleep apnea. 

Hypertension and the brain

Brain functions well only with sufficient blood supply. Due to the arterial blockages, blood supply to the brain is also reduced. This leads to short time issues like disorientation, slight forgetfulness. In longer run, it can lead to dementia etc. as well. Similarly, it also leads to cognitive impairment due to the poor blood supply. 

Furthermore, if the clotting and blockage occurs in the brain, it then can cause stroke; which is debilitating at best and lethal at worst. At times, people experience smaller episodes of strokes, in a condition known as Transient ischemic attack –TIA. 

Hypertension and the eyes

The blood vessels in the eyes also suffer on account of hypertension. The vessels that supply blood to retina can get damaged, leading to a condition known as retinopathy. This condition can also eventually result in blindness. 

Furthermore, the damaged arteries can also leak fluid underneath the retina as well, causing choroidopathy. Symptoms of this condition include blurred and distorted vision.

Another possible complication of hypertension is optic nerve damage. The blood supply to the nerve gets blocked, which damages the nerve, at time to the point of loss of vision.

Hypertension and the sexual health 

The impacts of hypertension include compromised sexual health as well. As the blood supply to the penis is reduced on account of the blockages and clotting, hence men are not able to have an erection and thus are not able to perform sexually.

Likewise, is the case with women. Insufficient blood supply to their sex organs  interferes with arousal and pleasure. Their libido is reduced. And some women also suffer from vaginal dryness, which makes the sex very painful as well.

Hypertension and the urinary system

Another vital organ that gets effected due to the hypertension is the kidney. Since kidneys remove the toxins from the blood and moderate the blood pressure, hence damaged blood vessels have a terrible impact on the performance of the kidneys. 

Moreover, the vessels inside of the kidneys also get damaged as a result. This in long term leads to kidney disease and failure. The latter needs dialysis or transplant, the decision of which should be made with in consultation with a good doctor like Prof. Dr. Aizaz Mand Ahmad