Wedding bands for men who don’t like jewelry


Congrats on your recent engagement! Now, it’s time to find your wedding band to go with that beautiful engagement ring you have on your finger. In the midst of all your excitement and wedding planning, don’t forget to grab a wedding band for your man while you’re shopping around – if he is going to wear one of course!

Men’s Wedding Bands

Some men simply do not like jewelry whether it be a watch, chain, or a ring. If your fiancé is not comfortable wearing a ring because he doesn’t like jewelry – or because his job won’t allow it, don’t force him to do so.

Instead, create an agreement between you two that makes you both happy like asking that he wear it on special occasions or during family photos.

Remember, a ring does not solidify a marriage. When you both sign your marriage certificate, that’s what solidifies the marriage.

If you’re still not comfortable with the idea of him not wearing a ring, here are a few alternatives:

Get a tattoo – Some men do not want to wear a ring, but they’ll get a tattoo of one on their finger. If this is your man, go with it. Regardless if it’s a gold band or a black one, a ring is a ring and tattoos are more permanent than the actual ring is so this may be a better option. And hey, he can’t take it off, so you never have to worry about him losing it!

Have a small or low-profile band for him – There are men’s wedding bands that are very skinny in diameter and are simple gold or silver. These provide a low profile for the ring, so they are not as prone to get caught in heavy machinery, belt buckles, or other things he deals with daily.

Get a ring that’s durable – Depending on his job, you may be better suited to get a ring that’s durable than one that’s fancy in white or yellow gold. A prime example of a durable ring is getting tungsten which is known for its ability to withstand a lot of physical damage.

Choose something that’s more manly in tone – If gold and silver are not his things, don’t force it upon him. He will either build resentment towards you or not wear it. Instead, ask the jeweler if there are options for black or blue-toned rings. You’d be surprised at what is available – but you won’t know unless you ask!