Understand Your Dog Better: Why Dogs Show Jealousy and 8 More Dogs Behaviors Explained


Having an adorable, loyal, and furry friend can bring lots of joy and happiness.  But along with the package are strange and funny behaviors that you may find unusual.

Greetings to my readers! I am from 360 dog walker. In today’s article I will write about 8 odd things dogs do and explain the meaning behind them. One of the best ways to find out more about your dog is by getting help of professional dog trainers. I know its hard finding professional dog trainers especially in your area. One of the easiest ways to find professional dog trainers is by looking for dog walkers in your area. Dog walkers are usually professionals and either provide dog training themselves or will know of other dog trainers. If your lucky enough to live in the San Francisco then finding dog walkers in SF should be very easy because there are tons of them in California.  

#1 Why Dogs Jump On You When You Hug Someone

Number one is why dogs jump on you when you hug someone. You have probably noticed that your canine companion is against public displays of affections such as hugs or kisses. They may bark, jump up or even attack their owner if they are being hugged by someone else. You might think they are just jealous but the reasons are more complex than that. Kissing and hugging are human behaviors that are not normal to dogs. We wrap our arms around each other and squeeze tightly. Dogs see this form of close contact as threat. They feel the need to intervene by wedging their way in between two partners in an attempt to de-escalate what they perceive to be a fight.

Another reason dogs could interrupt a hug is when they want attention. Your dog might be past the threat thought and realize that hugs and kisses are actually good when you are getting intimate with a partner. They noticed that something interesting is going on and they want to be part of it. 

#2 Why Dogs Turn Their Butt Toward You 

You probably have notices that dogs sometimes walk towards us and turn around then they will either nudge us gently with their rear end or stand passively with their back turned to us. But why do they turn around and present you their rear instead of their face. When a dog shows you their bum it means they trust you. When having their back towards you and teeth farthest away from you, your dog exposes their vulnerability to you. And indicates that they don’t intend to harm you and they feel safe around you. Greeting is another reason that your pup turns his back towards you. Dogs sniff each other’s rears as a part of their introduction and gaining information about one another. 

Since that’s how dogs greet each other, your pooch probably assumes his special human feels the same way. And they turn their butt towards you to greet you or exchange information.

#3 Why Dogs Start At You When They Poop

You probably have noticed that dogs keep their eyes on you when they poop. That’s because they are looking out to you to protect them. It relates to their wild ancestors instinct to always be on the lookout for danger. Going to the bathroom puts anyone in a vulnerable position. And if a dog is squatting they cannot protect themselves from predators. They are depending on you to give them a body language signal or heads up when a threatening situation occurs. Dogs also stare at you when they poop to get your blessing. They are checking for approval to be sure they are using the correct location to do their business. 

#4 Why Dogs Bite Each Other’s Mouths In Play

If you have had a dog for a while then you probably know the dogs often play with their mouth open. The two dogs clash their muzzles and teeth together and it looks like they are biting each other. As you watch them playing you may think the pups are about to rumble and you wonder if you should step in. Just like humans dogs have their own unique play styles and personalities. Some are calm and quiet and some are rough and some are avid wrestlers. 

Sum Up

There are many more odd things in pubs you will notice if you have a dog. It’s almost impossible to write everything in one article so if you need any expert’s opinion feel free to contact 360 dog walker.