Top 5 Best Marketing Attribution Software Solutions


What is Attribution?

The process by which the marketers understand the journey the user takes to arrive in their app, and once you land in their app, then what you do is generally termed as Attribution. The action user takes in their site is collected through a data point for each action, which includes clicking on an advertisement link to purchasing from the site.

Why Are Mobile Engagement Platforms Important?

The Mobile Engagement platforms are very important as they ensure that the information is correct, and they also enable cross-channel messaging. These mobile marketing platforms give a unique insight into the customer’s personal behavior. It helps to make the customer experience easier. They are adept at handling the particular requirements of the mobile teams.

Top 5 Mobile Marketing Attribution Software

– Oktopost

Oktopost is a management platform for social media mainly structured for B2B enterprise companies. It enables B2B marketers to schedule huge volumes of social content throughout the multiple networks. It helps to track the precious and valuable metrics data of business performance. Oktopost also enables the integration of social data with its entire Marketing Attribution ecosystem.

– Openprise

Openprise improves the performance of every go-to-market initiative by orchestrating processes, data, and communication. It is a single, no-code platform that automates the transformation of data and simplifies even the most complex data. It is a Software Solutions that take responsibility for solving the problems related to huge volumes of complex data.

– LeanData

LeanData also automates the go-to-market operations and helps to optimize efficiency and productivity with Salesforce. It is a Marketing Attribution Software that leads to every purchaser’s engagement to the correct account. It helps to unleash true account-based marketing analytics. LeanData has simple, actionable, and accurate insights for account management.

– CallRail

CallRail is a Mobile Attribution service which helps to track and manage your phone leads. It helps to determine which marketing campaigns are driving quality leads. The dashboard of the CallRail quickly filters for the First Time Callers by clicking on all calls and then selecting “First Time Callers.” You will not be able to gauge the effectiveness of the online marketing efforts; that is why CallRail is important. It helps to improve customer service with the help of call recording.For more information about Marketing Attribution Software.

– Engagio ABM Platform

An account-based Marketing Attribution Software enables B2B marketers to measure effectively and execute account-centric programs within a single solution. The teams associated with revenue can track engaging accounts. It knows where to concentrate resources and time and have a clear understanding of the impact of the program.