Top 4 Professional And Experienced Russian Barber Shops In Manhattan


If you’re new in town or searching for a new barbershop then this guide is more useful for you to decide which barbershop is best for your personality and pocket-friendly. We listed the top 4 skilled and popular barbershops to guide you and choose a unique and professional Manhattan Barbershop.

  • Manhattan Barbershop

We all heard about The Manhattan BarberShop in NYC. The Manhattan barbershop is a highly rated and well-known barbershop located in a beautiful town. Manhattan Barbershop has expert and skilled barbers that can help and suggest you choose the best haircuts for your face shape. They’re a professional and skilled unisex shop and fully sanitized shop in town. Manhattan Barbershop provides haircuts, coloring, trimming services to the man. They also provide haircutting, waxing, keratin, and smoothening services to all lovely women and girls. If you’re a stylish gentleman or lady, this is the best barbershop for you.

  • Elite Barbershop

As their name is Elite, they provide elite and pocket-friendly services in the town. Elite barbershop is the first choice of the young man and people. Elite Barbershop is best in beard shaving, trimmed and waxing. A scissor cut-price starts from only $25 to $70. Elite Barber Shops do their job extraordinary and give you a unique haircut and a shave.

  • Trim And Proper Barbershop

Trim and proper barbershop is a man’s barbershop. Trim and proper hair give you excellent services and a perfect haircut. They’re specialized in a crew cut, undercut, and more. Trim and Proper shop is open every Monday to Friday from 10 am to 5 pm. You have to call them and book an appointment. They know that your haircut can help to make an impression on people, and they help you to make a decent and perfect one!

  • Prime Barbershop

Prime barbershop is a well-known barbershop in the town. They’re best for their quality work and hygiene services. The Prime barber shop provides you with home services at the best price. They’re offering hair color, beard trimming, haircuts, and more services. Prime Barbershop rates start from $17 to $50 and depend on the services you choose. They provide regular and short haircuts, as well as modern style men’s haircuts.

All these barbershops are highly recommended and top professional shops in town. If you have any queries or doubt you can go and visit their websites and call them.


Address:  875 3rd Ave Concourse Level, New York, NY 10022