Things to Consider Before Renting Property in Dubai


Dubai is a fantastic city with all amenities and necessities available. Staying in the city means getting the privilege of leading an enjoyable and luxurious life.

Due to the city’s attractions, numerous people from all over the world relocate into Dubai, resulting in demand for rental properties shooting up like anything.

If you are one of such people relocating to the fantastic city, the first thing you need to do is search for a property for renting.

Getting a property will pose no problem at all. You will find a property quickly. There are many properties for rent in Dubai.

When it comes to renting, it is a big commitment. With the trends in place, you need to pay a substantial proportion of the rent upfront. You should ensure that you should locate the right place and finalize a property just because you liked it.

There are many factors to consider before you rent a property in Dubai. Read on the following:


When you are looking around for renting in Dubai, it might be tempting to accept the very first property you will come across. Consider the location, and figure out whether it is a perfect fit for you and your family.

You should consider a convenient location for your and your spouse’s work and your children’s schools.

Your life will be a lot easier if you do not have to spend long hours in the car or public transport while going to work every day.

If you do not like driving, ensure that the location has a taxi facility or public transport availability nearby.

Car Parking Facility

Look at whether there are adequate car parking facilities available at the home you want to rent in Dubai. Many apartments allow only one car parking space per property. So, if you have more than one car, check out if there are spaces available to park your vehicles.

Party Animal or Home Bird?

Before choosing a property for rent in the city, assess the kind of person you are and whether you will enjoy living in that area, among the people out there.

If you are a party animal, who hosts frequent parties in your home, then a community where there are families with young children is not the right place for you.

The neighbours are likely to complain if you host regular parties with noisy gatherings to wake up their sleeping children.

In contrast, if you are a quiet person and like peaceful surroundings, a property near the airport or near busy restaurants and nightspots are not a good fit. For such a person, a property in residential areas, slightly away from the busy and noisy places, is a perfect fit.

You can browse property websites to get an idea of the localities where you can rent a property suiting your personality.

Property Maintenance

In Dubai, there are people of hundreds of nationalities. It is a great opportunity to see so many people of different nationalities residing in a particular city.

However, not all people are accustomed to the rights of tenants in the city. Even some landlords are not aware of the tenants’ rights and responsible for property upkeep.

It will help if you ensure that your tenancy agreement outlines who will be responsible for maintaining the property.

Landlords differ in the opinion regarding the responsibility of property maintenance. While some landlords add clauses saying any maintenance jobs under AED 500 are the tenant’s responsibility, some believe that even the smallest of maintenance jobs is the landlord’s responsibility.

It would help if you acted a bit smartly. Go through the rental agreement before signing to make sure who is responsible for property maintenance. Make yourself clear whether you need to call a property maintenance company or the landlord in the event of the property requiring maintenance.

Look around the residential areas near your apartment to get an idea of the cleanliness state and what needs repair.

If you see a messy state and maintenance issues, you can be sure that the management is not up to the mark. So, the best thing to do is striking the property out of your list.

If you see that the property is not in good condition and calls for repairs, make sure who is responsible for making it right before moving into the property.

It is a common practice in Dubai among landlords to ask tenants to return the property exactly as it was handed over to them by the landlord. They even go to the extent of asking them to give it a fresh coat of paint.

Additional Costs

An essential factor to consider before renting a property is the additional costs associated with the property you will rent.

Usually, air conditioning costs are separate from the water and electricity costs and can be very high in summer.

As air conditioning costs can be high in summer, check out the insulation if it is a large space, and calculate the possible costs before signing the rental agreement.

If there are private pools and real grass lawns, estimate the involved costs every month beforehand.

Noise Levels

Once you finalize a property, find out the noise levels and assess whether you are comfortable with the noise.

Pet Policy

If you have pets, ensure that your landlord is happy with them. Also, ensure that the community does not have a pet-free policy.

The Final Words

Before you finalize a property to rent in Dubai, consider the factors to land on the best property that will make your life convenient and enjoyable. Moreover, do not forget to ensure that there are necessary facilities, like grocery shops, pharmacies and restaurants nearby.