The Benefits of Exposed Aggregate Driveways Melbourne


Driveways are an important part of the home; they are one of the first things that visitors notice when they come to your home. It is important to make them look good, but you also need to make sure that they are functional. An exposed aggregate driveway is the ideal choice when you are looking to make sure that your driveway looks good and is functional. Exposed aggregate driveways Melbourne from A Better Driveway are becoming increasingly popular with homeowners.


Driveways are one of the most common surfaces that are used in the home. Whether it’s the main driveway that leads up to the house or the sidewalk that leads to the front door, driveways are very important. They provide a surface for us to park our cars on and they provide a safe surface for us to walk along. Over the years, there have been many different materials used in the construction of driveways.

  • Some are more durable than others
  • Some are in-keeping with the style of the house
  • Some are easy to maintain

Practical Solution

Aggregate driveways provide an extremely practical solution for your property. However, there are steps you will need to follow if you want to install them correctly. A driveway can be a vital addition to any property. It can be used by all sorts of vehicles, acting as the main point of access. However, it is important to install the type of driveway that is suitable for your property. An aggregate driveway is one of the most practical solutions available, but it is important to plan the construction correctly.

Easily Blends

Exposed aggregate driveways are popular because of their natural looks. They go great with a natural or rustic look, but can also be matched with a contemporary or modern design as well. The unique look of exposed aggregate driveways is possible because of their design and texture.

Exposed aggregate driveways are a great alternative to traditional paving slabs. If you have a driveway that’s covered in a layer of gravel, crushed rock, or other material, exposing it could be a quick and easy way to add a level of sophistication to your yard.

Easy to Maintain

Exposed aggregate driveways are very popular with a lot of people because they have a very attractive look. However, most people who choose exposed aggregate driveways will tell you that they are a very high maintenance driveway.

Exposed aggregate driveways are often found in weather-worn homes. The surface of the driveway is typically unprotected from the elements, and can become damaged from exposure to sun, rain, ice or snow. Bolts of ice can also break off and fall to the ground, damaging the driveways surface. Exposed aggregate driveways can be a problem in areas without a proper foundation, and can become a safety hazard when ice is present.

Cost Effective

Many owners of traditional driveways have been shocked in recent years when they have been told they need to replace them with expensive new driveways, the main reason is because they are cracked, stained and can no longer resist the effects of the elements. Exposed aggregate driveways offer a cost effective alternative, and many of them are way more durable, more attractive and more long lasting.


The benefits of using exposed aggregate on driveways are significant. Exposed aggregate driveways are less expensive than most other types of driveways, especially when they are installed by professionals. They also require very little maintenance, which is important for busy homeowners. When it comes to choosing between an exposed aggregate driveway or another type of driveway, it is best to consider the cost, the maintenance, and the overall look of the driveway.