Stud games and its variants


Stud poker is another poker variant, which is popular among the gamblers. People can play different variants of stud poker on dominoqq, which is an online casino. In this type of game, each player gets a specified number of cards. Some of these cards are exposed and some of them are face down. Let us know about the game and its variants in detail.


Nobody knows the history of the game but it has been estimated that three-card stud was a popular game among the soldiers during the American Revolutionary War. The new variant of this game was the five-card stud, which was popular among the soldiers during the American Civil War. Nowadays, the most popular game is a seven-card stud. Texas Hold’em has introduced later ad this lessened the popularity of stud games. Now let us know about the rules of stud poker games.

Rules of Stud Poker

There are many variants of stud poker but the rules are almost the same. If players are familiar with the basic rules of stud poker, they can play any variant of their choice. The rules of most of the stud poker variants are similar to seven-card stud. Let us know some of the basic rules of seven-card stud.

Dealing the cards

The cards are dealt by a dealer in a clockwise direction. Each player receives one face up and one face down card and the player who has the card of the lowest rank has to start taking actions. If there is a tie in the rank then the rank of the suit is used to determine the player far taking action. Spades have the highest rank then comes hearts, diamonds, and clubs.

Third Street

ION this round, each player gets one face-up card and then the next round of betting starts.

Fourth, fifth, and sixth streets

In all these rounds, each player receives one face-up card and the player having the cards of the highest poker rank has to start taking actions.

Seventh Street

This is the last betting round and each player receives one card whose face is down.


After the completion of the last round, players have to show their cards and whose hand is of the highest rank wins the game.

Variants of Stud Poker

Now let us have a look at the variants of stud poker.

Five Card Stud

The rules of this game are similar to the rules of seven-card stud. IN this game, each player receives one face up and one face down card and the first round of betting starts. After these three more rounds of betting are conducted and in each round, each player receives one face-up card.

Caribbean Stud

The rules of this variant are similar to five-card stud. But the main difference is that players have to play the game aghast the dealer.

Wrapping Up

There are many other variants like Hi-Lo, eight or better hi-lo stud, and many more and these games can be played in online casinos like dominoqq. People need to know the basic rules, which will help them in playing the games.