Street Balloons Decoration


It’s not only the room that you can decorate with balloons. The balloons installation for a street decorating is an effective decision to create massive, bright and attractive compositions for everyone.

In what cases can you use balloons outdoors?

  • Shop opening
  • City events
  • Open-air parties
  • Car decorating
  • Weddings

More frequently arches and wreaths are used for street balloon decorations. Arches can be of different shapes: horseshoe, or П-shaped arches. These decorations easily attract people’s attention and do not prevent from entering the room at the same time.

Wreath is a good element in decorating facades, rostrums, columns and many other constructions. In order to decorate the outdoor space with balloons composition it’s important to attach them carefully to save the whole beauty from the wind. Helium-filled balloons are very light so  they always point up. Don’t forget to take it into account while planning.

How to choose balloons for an event?

For promotions like shop or exhibition opening it’s good to take balloons with your company colours or logos. For kids events you should use balloons of different bright colours. One of the most popular decorations nowadays are mylar balloons with cartoon characters or animals. These are big figures filled with helium. There is a small weight attached to them that prevents balloons from flying away. For weddings it’s always better to choose helium metallic coloured or big balloons of calm shades. They look harmoniously with other decoration elements for example at outdoors ceremonies. Flying LED balloons into the sky will be an amazing completion of the celebration.

What should you know while decorating the street with balloons?

With helium balloons you have a possibility to create any kind of arches bouquets, fontains or just fly them into the air. Helium balloons will live longer indoors with no aggressive factors to affect them. But there are some subtleties. Direct rays influence latex balloons negatively. As a result the elements of decoration can deflate and become shapeless. In windy weather balloons may get mixed up and some parts of the decoration can even fly away. Windless and cloudy weather are the best conditions for latex helium balloons design.

How to choose the best balloons material for decorating outdoors

Latex balloons are the most used and affordable. But their disadvantage is that these wares are fragile. You can choose latex balloons with or without coating. It’s important to remember that the molecules of helium are smaller than latex pores. Coating is a special glue that clogs up latex pores and prevents from gas leak. It provides the durability and security of the balloons construction. This variant is the best for decorating outdoors. The arch made of balloons can hold outdoors for 1-3 days but let’s not forget about the importance of the weather conditions. This time will be enough for maintaining the festival or making people know about the shop opening.

Mylar balloons are more expensive than latex but they also have a lot of pros: variety of shapes, durability and the possibility of reusing due to the needs.

If you are planning to decorate a short one-day event you can calmly use latex balloons. If the construction has to hold much longer or you’re preparing it beforehand than you need to choose latex balloons with coating or mylar balloons. For outdoor events it’s wisely to give preference to balloons made of thick materials so that they could live longer. If there is a hot weather and blazing sun outside latex balloons may not withstand even a couple of hours.

How to calculate the amount of balloons

For one meter length wreath of 5 inches diameter balloons you’ll need just 60 balloons or 14 foursome. One meter length wreath of 9 inches diameter balloons will take 38 balloons or 8 foursome. If you use 12 inches diameter balloons than you’ll need 25 balloons, 6 foursome. It can take 2 hours for installing one arch. The time depends on the length and height of the construction.