Smart USA Travel Choices Post Pandemic


After the coronavirus, the desire to return to planning wonderful trips is the best and fastest way to reconnect to the world.

After the coronavirus, the desire to return to planning wonderful trips is the best and fastest way to reconnect to the world. At the moment, there are still strict restrictions on movement and travel around the world, but the situation is constantly changing and we expect it will continue to improve. Therefore we try to keep our desire to travel a little longer but not by canceling the project but only by postponing it a little longer and perhaps by booking in advance, for example, our trip to the United States. While waiting for the situation to improve, here are 9 tips to plan our fantastic trip to the USA. The use of the USA Travel Guide happens to be useful.

How to organize a trip to the United States?

Organizing a trip like this on your own is not an insurmountable thing, in fact, thanks to the network we have access to an impressive amount of data and information so that we can plan our trip in detail.

What are the steps to plan a trip to the USA?

  • Here are the tips to easily organize our trip to the United States:
  • Be in possession of a valid passport
  • Having obtained the USA ESTA
  • Establish a travel itinerary
  • Take out travel insurance
  • Book airline tickets in advance
  • In case of independent travel, always rent a car, camper or motorbike in advance
  • For each state we will go to, we need to book hotels or campsites
  • Plan your trip to get a detailed daily schedule
  • Make preparations for your trip and make sure you have it all

How do you get ESTA?

In addition to the passport, every person (including children) must obtain a travel authorization to the United States (ESTA). The ESTA is a mandatory document to enter the American territory. This request must be made online with the United States Department of Homeland Security. If you can’t – or don’t want to take advantage of ESTA, you can also opt for a US visa. Remember that if you are planning a layover in Canada, you will need to submit a similar request to the Canadian government. Now before embarking on a trip to the USA you will have to wait for the Covid-19 problem to be completely resolved and once it is eradicated, you will need to update yourself to know if in the last few months the ESTA application has undergone any updates. As you choose the Destinations in USA you need to consider these.

Creating a general planning of our trip is a must

The first thing to do to plan our vacation in the USA is to outline a general profile of our stay, taking into account some variables: duration, period, participants and states to visit. This step will go pretty quickly for a stay in New York or Florida for example. It will be much longer if our project also includes a trip to the American West, in fact, we will have to determine a city of arrival, a city of return and a reliable route according to our plans.