Should You Try Esports Betting?


There has been a huge wave of support growing for esports over the past few years as the larger streaming services have brought the opportunity for viewership to a growing audience in the same period of time, this past year in particular has been very impactful for esports as the cancellation and postponement of many elite sporting events have led many to seek out alternatives, with esports being a primary choice. Although it’s a relatively new market and still requires time for many to learn understanding, should you try your hand with a bet on esports, and what are the biggest reasons for exploring the space?

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A huge variety of markets – Each of the big games in esports have their own unique approaches and styles, and this creates a huge variety of available markets to choose from, and a lot of opportunity for betting. Many elite sporting events all share a similar template and approach and can often seem very samey, but the variety in esports creates more diversity and more options here that may not be ordinarily available. The biggest game types include first-person shooters, multiplayer online battle arenas, traditional options such as football and basketball, and many others. 

A huge variety of games – Just as the markets, there is growing variety in the types of games available to bet on too – some fill a more niche role and may be more difficult for newcomers but great for the experienced fan, whereas others take on a more familiar look and show something that is very much what they are used to and provides a bridged gap to merge the two scenes together. As more fans make the adjustment too, the opportunities for game variety grow alongside it. 

Ease of accessibility – Unlike elite sporting events that are often tied behind a paywall or paid service, access to esports betting is much simpler as livestreams of the biggest events in the world provide a free opportunity to spectate and a free opportunity to take part. This has been one of the biggest benefits in the growth of esports as livestreaming has been able to provide a better platform for new viewers and old viewers alike. 

With the rising success in esports, there will no doubt be a growing audience making the transition particularly if there is further disruption this year to elite sporting, and with the growing support for gaming as a whole it is certainly looking to hold a future in the betting market and popular culture, with some suggestions that it could even outgrow traditional sources.