Should we go for second hair transplant DHI


Hair loss is a major problem happening to older individuals, but these days occurrence of hair loss is affecting younger individuals too because stress levels are on the rise. Fortunately, our technology is getting more savvy day by day as well, hair loss treatment has evolved along the years and less invasive procedures have been invented to tackle this devastating problem. Follicular unit transplant (FUT) and Follicular unit extraction (FUE) have been in the hot discussion when it comes to treatment modalities of hair loss. Recently, direct hair implant (DHI) technique has joined in the discussion and gained much popularity from the consumers because it is less invasive and cosmetically more appealing. There are multiple certified clinics provide hair transplant in Malaysia so consumers can do more detailed research to choose the most reliable clinics for treatments.

Direct hair implant (DHI) technique is modified on the basis of Follicular unit extraction (FUE), which it involves using a device called Choi pen to extract and plant the hair follicles. In FUT and FUE, hair follicles are collected as grafts by using surgical incision or FUE device respectively which will leave a linear or circular scar on the donor’s region. But for the DHI technique, grafts are not needed anymore, the Choi pen used to extract the hair follicles can be used to plant the extracted hair follicles simultaneously and it leaves minimal scars because the extracting diameter is smaller. Besides, the patients are not required to shave their hair like FUT and FUE so women preferred DHI over the former two techniques. The most outstanding feature of Choi pen is that the doctor can control the depth and angle when planting the hair follicles so that the implanted hair will not fall easily and the appearance will be more natural.

However, the DHI technique requires more expertise as it is a very delicate procedure, so not all the surgeon can conduct this procedure unless they have already undergone a certified training. This technique also needs a longer duration compared to FUT and FUE, usually, longer than 6 hours and more sessions need to be arranged to achieve the hair density and thickness desired. Thus, the cost of the whole treatment will be more expensive. It is said that the DHI technique will show a better result. Although studies are inconclusive, it seems to be a plausible hypothesis as the grafts harvested in FUT and FUE will slowly lose their vitality when they are kept too long before planting, whereas for DHI technique, the hair follicles are immediately planted into the affected area, which is favourable for the survival and growth of new hair.

Most importantly, consumers have to clear their doubts with the doctors they trust before the commencement of treatment. A doctor-patient relationship has to be established and discussion has to be done to decide on the best modality together. Hence, equip yourself with this knowledge so you can know what is best for you in this journey of gaining back your confidence and youth.