Sex Doll Accessories Guide: Usage, Care & Maintenance


Just like it is important for a woman to take bath on a regular basis, it is important for the robot sex doll to take a bath frequently. The user needs to remember that these dolls are used for physical interaction and therefore need to be kept clean. If the doll is not kept clean it might lead to negative effects on the health of the user. The huge boobs, and that amazing vagina which you live so much, needs to be maintained so that you are able to make fun of it on a regular basis. Some of the materials which are required for the maintenance and care of the doll are mentioned below:


Water is an important element of life in whatever we do. It is very important for you to have enough supply of water so that you are able to wash the vagina of the sex doll thoroughly. If you do not have enough supply of water, there is a chance that the cum of your dick might just stick into the hole of the doll’s vagina and give birth to bacteria and germs. You need to wash the parts with normal water first, then make a soapy water and wash and then with normal water once again.

Antibacterial soap

Get hold of an antibacterial soap from any chemist shop nearby. There is a chance that you might get this even in the general store. Get the soap in either bar or liquid form. Once you’ve got hold of the soap, you can get to make soapy water that would help in getting rid of all the liquid substances that have entered the vagina of the sex doll while you were having sex with her. It is important for you to get hold of an antibacterial soap that is not alcohol-based. Alcohol-based soap might have an effect on the material of the doll.

Cotton swab

You need a cotton swab that you can easily get hold of in any chemist shop. Try to soak it in the Soapy water and slowly remove the liquid particles from the vagina of the robot sex doll. You need to have a lot of patience as this is a task that needs to be done carefully and with a lot of time in hand. If you are not patient, there is a chance that some of the liquid particles might remain and give birth to bacteria. Remember that you are using it for sexual pleasures, which means that you will be inserting your private parts into the vagina of the doll. This might lead to the spread of diseases if you are not careful.

Non-abrasive material

It is important to keep the IL doll clean and neat. If cleanliness is not maintained, it can lead the doll to be destroyed. Try to dry clean the doll; otherwise, a set doll might get tears and bruises. This is why a non-abrasive material is required. This will help to keep the vagina dry. Focus on keeping the doll dry and removing most of the water. You can remove all the moisture from the doll and let it dry up for an hour or so.

Mild hair products

The wig of the IL doll needs to be cleaned so that the hair is maintained well. In order to clean the hair, it is important to get hold of basic hair products like shampoo and a conditioner. You need to make sure that these help products do not have any strong content of alcohol. To keep the vague clean it is recommended to use mild hair products. Remove the wig from the doll before cleaning it. Clean the wig with normal water and rinse it off immediately.

The cleaning kit

When you are purchasing a doll from DollHouse168 you will be given a cleaning kit. It is necessary to keep the kit safely stored. If you are unable to store the DollHouse168 kit, then you will not be able to have most of the items that are required to clean the parts of the doll. In case the kit has been lost, you need to visit the store and get hold of all the materials once again. These materials might be expensive.


These materials need to be bought by the user so that they can use it to keep the doll clean and maintain its structure. You need to know that it is necessary to get hold of the materials that will help the owner to increase the lifetime of the doll. The vagina of the doll is very sensitive just like the vagina of a real woman and needs utmost care. After the vagina, it is the hair that matters. All the materials that have been described above will help the owner to maintain the quality of the doll.