Say Hello To Firm, Smooth And Supple Skin! 


One of the key physical characteristics of growing up is the development of fine lines and wrinkles. Becoming an adult entails a lot of responsibilities and stressors. An unavoidable consequence of leading a busy life is the appearance of wrinkles. No amount of skin-care can prevent the appearance of wrinkles. An easy solution to feeling and looking younger is thermage.

What is thermage? 

This is a radio-frequency beauty treatment. It is completely non-invasive and safe. This beauty procedure has been proven to have a multitude of positive effects on aging skin. Thermage has been scientifically proven to smoothen fine lines and wrinkles. This beauty treatment also has a tightening effect on the skin. This treatment lifts smoothens and tightens which makes the skin look younger and firmer. 

Where can this treatment be used? 

Most non-invasive beauty treatments can only be done on the face. This limitation of other beauty treatments has been overcome by this particular non-ablative cosmetic treatment. This beauty procedure can be used to treat wrinkles and loose skin on the face as well as the body. One can improve the overall appearance of the skin all over their face and body by trying out this cosmetic treatment. 

What is the treatment procedure? 

This cosmetic procedure comprises using a laser to treat the desired area of the skin. It is a facial treatment. It is completely pain-free. You will feel a heat sensation on your skin generated from the laser. This procedure will consist of frequent breaks to ensure maximum comfort of the patient. The duration of the procedure for the face is approximately 45 minutes. It takes about 30 minutes for the eye area and 90 minutes for any part of the body.  

Some Important Pointers

There are certain things one should keep in mind concerning thermage:  

  • It is important to check the qualifications of the physician who will perform this procedure. 
  • Ensure that the latest technology is being used to provide this treatment to get the best possible outcome. 
  • It is important to communicate freely with your physician about the intensity of the heat sensation you will feel during the procedure. If you are uncomfortable with heat intensity, it is important to be vocal about it.  

Goodbye, Fine Lines! 

You can see the results of the treatment within 24 hours of getting this procedure done. This is the best solution to looking and feeling young forever!