Rice Water For Hair


Probably, there are times in life when you just become too lazy to take care of your hair, make masks for them and various procedures to maintain their beauty. However, our hair is always exposed to many external factors and needs additional nutrition. Even when you go outside, you may encounter natural hair irritants: sunshine, windy weather, snow, etc. There is one product that can help you keep your curls healthy and silky smooth in barbershop on Manhattan. This is rice water. Has anyone used it before? If not, then first you should figure out what it is.

Rice water is the liquid that remains after cooking the rice. This seemingly ordinary product is capable of changing the condition of the hair beyond recognition. Regular use of rice water provides many pleasant hair benefits. It helps to get rid of dandruff, strengthens strands and stimulates their growth. Rice water itself contains many vitamins, especially vitamins B and C.

It is worth noting that rice water can also flush out toxins that can accumulate on the scalp. This property will help prevent the appearance of alopecia or gray hairs in the future.

How to use rice water at home? To prepare rice water, you just need to boil the rice in a regular saucepan according to the instructions on the package. As a result of cooking, the starch will come out of the rice and dye the boiled water in a milky color. You just have to remove the rice itself and the rice water is ready. Next, pour the water into a plastic bowl and cover it. Let the rice water sit for 24 hours before use. Then you can put it in the refrigerator for a while and only then use it. It is advisable to put the rice water in the refrigerator after each use so that it does not spoil.

You don’t have to change your hair wash routine in any way because of the rice water, just rinse your hair regularly with it after a full wash. You can use it at least every day, there are no restrictions in this regard. When you rinse your hair with rice water, try to pay close attention to the scalp. But you should not rinse off the mixture right away, hold it on your hair for about five minutes and only then rinse off with plain water. At the end of such a ritual, you can even feel how your hair has become stronger and thicker. Throw away the rice water bottle after three days. It has a rather short shelf life, so it is recommended to cook it in small portions. Or, if you still have a jar with a small amount of hair mask, you can simply add rice water there and get an unsurpassed effect on your strands.

For a fragrant scent, you can add some essential oil. Which one? It’s up to you to decide. Tea tree oil is a good idea. It improves blood circulation, helps to flush out toxins, and stimulates dormant hair follicles.

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