Pros and cons of surrogacy



Opponents of surrogacy argue that this approach turns children into a commodity that can be bought at a comparable price. Furthermore, according to the public, it makes it possible for wealthy people to hire women to carry babies so that they don’t waste time. Maternity then becomes a job and a whim for the wealthy.

In fact, this is not true; only couples with serious problems with conception can use the services of a gestational courier, according to the law. Surrogacy is not a whim, but a radical way to treat infertility, it is the last chance for those women who for some reason cannot conceive and bear a baby themselves.

Some see this method of childbirth as exploitation of women who are relegated to the level of an incubator. And church groups sincerely believe that this practice undermines the foundation of family and marriage.

However, women are surrogate mothers of their own free will, and there can be no question of their exploitation. As for marriage and family, surrogacy, on the contrary, contributes to the preservation of these sacred things and, moreover, helps to make the family complete and happy.

The only serious argument “against” is the fact that it is not easy for a woman to part with the baby she has been carrying for nine months, even though she is fully aware of the fact that it is not her child. For these purposes, the reproductive health centers employ psychologists whose task is to help the surrogate mother understand how important a contribution she has made to the world and that she is not giving up her own, but someone else’s baby.


The main argument “for” is that surrogacy is the only way for some women to get a genetically native baby. And it is not the purchase or sale of a child, but an invaluable help to childless couples, the gift of the miracle of becoming parents. Of course, pregnancy is not easy, and there are always risks associated with it. However, women who take this step are aware of the risks and take the decision voluntarily. Not so few women choose dangerous activities, and surrogacy also brings real joy to the world.

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We cannot talk about exploitation of women, because they receive moral satisfaction and considerable material compensation for their work.

And the baby?

The most serious risk to the baby is an unscrupulous surrogate mother who exposes herself to an improper diet or maintains bad habits during pregnancy. Therefore, preference is most often given to women who have already been through surrogacy and have given birth to a healthy baby. Some biological parents prefer the surrogate to live with them throughout the pregnancy to be able to monitor the baby’s development and quality of life.

Equally important, and still unresolved, are the questions of whether to tell the child that the surrogate carried him or her. On the one hand, this is the child’s birth, and there is no reason to tell the child how it was born. On the other hand, this is a serious risk, because a stranger could tell the baby about it, and then the parents’ credibility would be undermined. The situation becomes especially acute when the surrogate mother is a close friend or relative of the family who continues to communicate with them.

But despite this serious difference of opinion, surrogacy is developing and will continue to develop. Neither public opinion nor the bans of the church can hinder this development. It is currently the only way for women with serious reproductive problems, for example, with a removed uterus, to have their child. And no matter how people may feel about this method of treatment, it is impossible to condemn a woman’s desire to have her own child, even if it is very difficult. Ultimately, surrogacy is not harmful to anyone; on the contrary, it helps to give birth to a new baby and makes its parents happy.