Polished plaster all natural and harmless material:


One of the top benefit of Venetian plaster is there are environmental friendly they are made up of all natural extracted materials. It not just add quality to your walls but it also benefit them by reducing the risk of air damaging. Venetian plaster contain limestone which is known for antibacterial which helps walls to stay in same condition for long time. A limestone is usually applied to walls in order to avoid ceilings because when limestone react with the nature that contain carbon dioxide, it absorb carbon dioxide and become lime again that makes your walls even more stronger. Venetian plaster can be tailored according to your requirement. As venetian plaster is all organic and natural it is consider odorless whereas if you usually paint the wall it have very strong smell that can cause health diseases such as breath problem. And with the chemical reaction it can give you allergy or any skin chemical reaction but polished plaster is all natural and reduces the health risk. Paint releases some harm chemical which can become toxic to your health.

Is polish plaster expensive as compared with its benefits?

A big no to the one who feels polished plaster is expensive if we compare with its benefits. As it offers different benefits like durability reliability and many more, it does not cost that way higher. It just cost $10 to $50 per square feet but its price varies from design to design and texture to texture. Get polished plaster by Evoke Polished Plaster in reliable prices.

Price comparison of painted walls and polished walls:

If we compare both painted wall and polished plaster wall it is very known that plaster wall will win. As plaster wall projected uncountable benefits it cost a little higher than a painted walls. One more reason why plaster is more costly is it required thin layer coating several time to get perfect look. Go to evokepolishedplastering.co.uk for more detail.