Play and win with the IPL money earning app!


The craze of cricket is the most when it comes to Indians. We love and enjoy watching cricket and supporting our team. The sport gets even exciting during the times of the Indian Premier League when all the different teams from all over India are playing together and you can cheer for your favourite team or player. Not just the official Indian cricket team, but teams from other countries are also a part of it and that’s what makes it fun. Now that IPL has been put on hold due to the entire covid-19 situation, there are many apps that you can get accessed to and even earning money on a few for fun. The IPL money earning app is made for the users to bet on their favourite teams virtually and play games with guaranteed prices.

So let’s first get to know the features of the IPL money earning app:

  • Refer and earn: when you refer the app to your friends and family you can earn a lot of amount with it and this can be done unlimited times on the app. The best part is that after you refer, your friends and family can also be a part of this game and you all can enjoy it together and also, earn together!
  • Instant withdrawal: The app has a very easy withdrawal scheme, all you have to do is link your UPI account with the app and you can take the money whenever you want without any hassle. This is what makes the earning app so reliable. By doing just small tasks you can easily earn money and enjoy playing games as well.
  • Weekly tasks: The app has a feature called the weekly tasks where every week you have to carry out a certain amount of tasks which will help you earn money and you can earn up to Rs.100 within a week and that’s the best way to make money on the side. You even get tasks daily, and those rewards are different from the weekly task rewards, so the amount you earn gets built up and hence you end with a good amount of money.

How to play and win?

  • At first, you have to create a squad and make your team. This has to be made based on the knowledge of your sports and how well you know the game of cricket.
  • After this, there will be real matches and tournaments held and your squad will take part in all of the games. The score points will be based on the real matches that will take place.
  • All the users will be online and you have to complete with them in all the games and beat them in all the matches to reach the top. This has to be done with your squad or team and you need to go all-in with your skills and love for the game.
  • The games involve winning cash as a prize after the squad beats other teams. If you and your squad are consistent you can even get a chance to win goodies. This is the best way to enjoy the game as you get instant prices and you can also withdraw the cash prices in an instant.

How to download the app?

The apps have made the process of downloading sports applications extremely simple for you. Simply enter your phone number to get the application download link on your mobile. Simply click on the connection and the record will get downloaded on your smartphone. Install the file and begin to play cricket dream class internet dream sports on your mobile phone. Since you download the link from our authority site, it is filtered by Antivirus and is 100% free from any danger. So you do not have to worry about safety issues as the app is even safe for transactions that you will be making after you link your UPI ID with the app. The process after installing the app is simple, all you have to do is register yourself with the app and after that, you are good to go and you can begin playing amazing games with your squad and win great cash prices.

If you are a pure cricket lover or a fanatic, then this app is entirely made for you. The app also includes watching live matches which stream faster than that on cable TV and you can enjoy it from anywhere at any time. You get a complete list of live matches and scoreboard of the ongoing match with all the updates on time and access to every detail you need. Player statistics are also available on the app with accurate information. You also get a list of all the matches that you can play with your teams and for the upcoming ones you can plan your schedule in time and be ready to win all the prizes at one go. When prices are in actual cash, the games become more fun as you are getting instant money.

The app is like a new “maidan” for you whom you can access even from home without getting out of the house in these tough times of covid-19 and you can play games with all your strategies just like you do when you go out to play with your squad. Playing cricket has a new mode of playing and it is the safest and the best option as you can play it from home and connected to your team all the time. Also, the cash price factor is what makes it so special and interesting to look for.

So what are you waiting for? Install the app of the IPL game earn money with ease and enjoy playing it with your friends and family from your home. No need to step out for playing this and it also makes it unlimited fun. The app is the best platform to entertain you and earn. Try it out today!