Pizza Choosing Guide to Get Your Hands on Authentic Flavors 


Pizzas are mouth savoring when they’re baked fresh and cooked well. It’s also the experience of the cooks/bakers that matters when it comes to how the pizza turns out to be. And this is the reason that the same pizzas cooked at different pizza houses taste so different. So, if you’re a pizza lover who yet hasn’t found the taste you’ve always craved for, then you’ve no need to relinquish your search for an ideal pizza house. Your search will most likely end with the delicious pizzas served by livraison Double Pizza in Montreal. 

Now, you might be wondering what makes this pizza house so special. If yes, then the reasons listed below will answer all your questions. Just sit tight and read through until the very end. 

  1. They Focus on Quality

All ingredients that they use are fresh. Besides, they do not store pizza bases. Instead, they bake every single base fresh. Hence, their pizzas are crispy and flavoursome. 

  1. They Offer Combo Deals

One of the reasons that people don’t buy pizzas despite cravings is that pizzas are usually expensive. Which is why Double Pizza pizza house has initiated certain combo deals on takeaway and online orders so that everybody can afford a pizza whenever they feel like eating one. Some such combo deals that you wouldn’t want to miss out on are listed below. Have a look! 

Pickup Special 

This is an offline deal for takeaway orders. It enables you to buy:

  • One large fresh-baked pepperoni or cheese pizza at 10.74 dollar. 
  • One large all-dressed pizza at 13.74 dollars. 

So, treat yourself whenever you feel like, without worrying about the cost. 

C2 Special 

This super saver deal for online orders starts at 23.99 dollars. This combo – at such low rates – offers:

  • Any two medium pizzas that you want. 
  • One medium pack of crispy fries. 
  • One 2L Pepsi bottle. 

Game Night Special 

This online combo deal – starting at 21.99 dollars – is an exciting offer that gives away:

  • Any one large pizza of your choosing. 
  • 8 spicy chicken wings. 
  • A packet of small fries. 
  • Any one sauce of your choice. 
  1. They Run Loyalty Programs for Online Customers like No Other Company Does

Every 5 dollar spent on Double Pizza gives you 1 point. Once you collect 30 points, you can cash them out to buy either one large all-dressed pizza or any three toppings they have in their menu. 

Also, if you subscribe to the Double text Pizza Program, you’ll be eligible to buy one free medium cheese or pepperoni pizza on your next purchase if it’s equal to or more than 30 dollars.  

So, do check out the Double Pizza website to explore more offers.