Overcoming Gen Z’s Challenges with Remote Work


As the pandemic arises this past year, numerous changes it brings to each one of us. It does give not only a threat to our health but also every single aspect of our being. The situation affected our life and stopped us for a while. But, as the other changes, and problems in our life, we should need to know how to cope with it. Moving forward, and continuing our daily activities, being productive while still keeping our mental health a priority is essential. 

Generation Z is those born between 1997 and 2015. As of this year 2021, they are now 6-24 years old. This age range is starting their education, and or those who are beginning to look for their career. Their supposed school learning and office set-up are all changed, and this is to have a safer environment during this time. 

With a lot of changes happening, many coping mechanisms and strategies in different fields were also created. This is also to ensure that the country’s economy will still be in good condition, even though undeniably, it is greatly affected. Virtual assistant company in the Philippines is a great help during these times. It could offer different services that could help your business, while you could focus on other operations. This is perfectly great for the entrepreneurs who are just starting their businesses and those big companies that aim to provide more and better for their clients. Moreover, virtual assistant companies in the Philippines can create a more healthy remote work environment.

Remote work brings a lot of challenges, especially now that we are all just starting to adjust. Below is an infographic from OVA VIRTUAL that shows some of the common challenges faced by Generation Z and how they could conquer them:
Overcoming Gen Z’s Challenges with Remote Work